Building your own man cave using an expert Bromley builder


The term “man cave” has been in existence for many years and usually refers to a private space within the home set apart for the man of the house. The cave is a space where he can hang out with friends and have fun without having any interruption from other members of the family. More often than not, the private space has been the garage, garden shed or even basement which is converted into a living area dedicated to the needs of the man. However, things have changed with many homeowners including the man cave as one of the rooms in the home and building it to their specifications.

Even so, many men prefer to be fully involved in the building of their own man cave and if you are thinking of the same then you are not alone. You can do it as part of a DIY project or hire the services of a Bromley builder to help construct your living space according to your needs. Majority of professional builders in this area in the United Kingdom are able to handle any man cave building project regardless of the size or design. All the same, you will need to supervise their work to ensure that the final man cave is ideal for all your masculine needs.

When using an experienced Bromley builder to bring your man cave dream to reality, there are a number of steps that they will take to ensure that the building project is a success.

Bromley builder

  1. Selection and preparation of the space

In most cases, the space that is to be converted into a man cave will be a relegated area that has not been in use on a regular basis. When working with a builder in Bromley, they are able to assess the space and advice on whether it is a good location to construct a man cave. If they give a go ahead, then the room will be prepared by removing any unwanted furniture or debris and cleaned for further use. However, if you have no such space in your home, then you can have a shed build to your specifications by the Bromley builder.

  1. Installing of insulation material

Since majority of the spaces converted into man caves are usually those that are not in constant use, it is likely that they are not well insulated. To ensure that the man cave is warm, Bromley builders will install insulation materials in the wall such as fiberglass to keep out the cold air. Also the materials used as insulation by the Bromley builder can also be used for sound proofing if the man cave is a standalone to ensure that the activities taking place inside do not disturb your neighbors or other people living in the home.

  1. Painting the man cave

After all the construction and insulation is done, the final step is the painting the room so that it has a neat look. If the room is small, it is advisable to paint using bright colors so that it looks more spacious and lighted. In most cases, the Bromley builder will advise you on the best paint colors and have it done by a professional as well.

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