Hiring a Cleaning Service: Some Basic Tips


There are a lot of great cleaning services across Canada these days, perfect for homeowners who are too busy to do their own cleaning. You can get anything from a maid that comes every two or three days to a fully-featured cleaning service team that comes to your house every day, all at affordable prices. To choose the right one to buy, here are a few basic tips you can use.

Cleaning Service

Find Multiple Service Providers and Compare

Choosing a good cleaning service begins with finding options. You can find the best maids Whistler has to offer, or the most popular cleaning service companies in Toronto, rather easily. The key is to not go for the first cleaning service you come across.

Find multiple service providers and compare the services they are offering. Learn more about the service packages, the costs of using these services and various other details. Compare cleaning services based on your personal needs and preferences. You should always go for the cleaning service you are comfortable with the most.

Ask About Cleaning Supplies

Before you decide to hire the cleaning service, ask about who will supply the cleaning supplies. Large companies usually use industrial-grade cleaning supplies, which means you can expect better results in general. Personal maids and smaller services, on the other hand, can either include the cleaning supplies in their service charge or require you to provide your own supplies.

If the later is what you are comfortable with the most, you don’t necessarily have to do all the shopping yourself. In fact, you shouldn’t. Cleaning service providers have access to wholesale cleaning supplies. All you have to do is supply them with a list of cleaning supplies you want to be used and they will quote you the best price for them.

Get Past References

Always get past references and ask for first-hand testimonials. The cleaning service will be handling a lot of your personal belongings. The last thing you would want is to have your personal belongings damaged while cleaned because you decide to hire an inexperienced company.

You can also seek reviews and testimonials online. Independent sites such as the Better Business Bureau have reviews and audit results for you to use. Choosing a reliable service provider and finding the right cleaning service company to hire will be much easier to do with these resources at your fingertips.

Get Contact Info for Seasonal Cleaning

The above tips also work for when you want to hire a cleaning service provider for seasonal cleaning. Instead of waiting until Spring before searching for the right service provider to hire, you can simply start your search now and know exactly who to contact when you need cleaning services.

Ask for Discounts and Special Offers

One last thing: don’t forget to negotiate a better deal and ask for discounts. Most of the time, the cleaning service company will be more than happy to throw in additional discounts to get your business. It will be a good start to a long-term business relationship.

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