Tips on hiring a gardener for your patio cleaning requirements


Hiring a gardener for your patio cleaning is something that we sometimes consider down the line. Your patio is something that you will be using in the summer, be it for a BBQ or to just sit outside and lounge around and it’s exciting to remember when your patio was actually created in your garden however over time through wear and tear as well as elemental factors, can leave your patio looking less that fabulous. A lot of us have very hectic schedules and don’t always have the time to clean and scrub the patio all by themselves, and even when you may use all the cleaning agents that you may have in the house and spend most of the day trying to do the laborious, back breaking task to shine up your patio.

Gardening services don’t just include lawn mowing and grass cutting, they involve a lot of garden maintenance services. Hiring someone to clean your patio is at the top of the list of most people when it comes down to the summer. Below we have listed a few handy tips that will enable you to be able to hire the correct company for your cleaning:

hiring a gardener

  • Find out what type of patio cleaning you desire. It may be a deep clean or it may just be a general wash, however you need to know what type of cleaning you actually need. Once you have established that, it is imperative to find a company that specialises in patio cleaning so that you are able to relax and enjoy yourself without having to worry about cleaning and scrubbing your patio
  • Once you have established the type of cleaning you know you want, the next step is to actually find the company that is going to do this for you! This company must be a professional gardener who have previous experience to be able to show you before you hire them. Gardening maintenance is not for amateurs and it is important that the company can show you exactly that!
  • Establish what their rates are using a no-obligation quote when you either solicit a quote from their website, be it through a contact form or an instant quote as well as calling in and speaking to a representative. You must have already established a budget that you will have put aside, so that if a company is outside your budget, you turn them down. Not establishing rates is one of the biggest faux-pas that people who are looking to have their patio cleaned, encounter. Don’t be one of them.
  • As you have established their rates, it is always wise to ask if their VAT has been included. A lot of LTD companies put their VAT rates separate. The last thing you need is the fact that the tax is put as a surcharge and you haven’t accounted for it. It is very common to have your rate only quote without VAT which can impact your budget. Please account for this before you hire the company.
  • Ensure the gardeners are all qualified, licenced and experienced. It costs so much to hire an amateur as opposed to hiring a proper professional. When you avoid making this mistake, your patio will deserve the treatment it deserves! For more ideas: visit this site.

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