Basement Remodeling Tips


While many home and property owners are content to use their basement for little more than storage, a few simple remodeling tips and upgrades can transform the lowest level of the home into a more comfortable, inviting and versatile space.

From off-floor shelving and storage solutions to selecting the right flooring materials, the right renovation project can provide households with an attractive addition.


Quality basement remodeling efforts may also have a tremendous impact on the market value of a home.

Using Wall-mounted Shelving to Optimize Interior Space

Finding ways to optimize a smaller area can be an important issue when remodeling a smaller basement. Off-floor storage options can increase usable square footage while helping to create a more spacious and open feel.

A wall-mounted desk, entertainment center or even a work station can all help to ensure that a remodeled basement is able to provide a more roomy, comfortable and versatile space that occupants may be able to use for a variety of activities.

The right interior lighting, color-scheme and floor plan are also effective ways to make smaller basements feel as roomy and spacious as possible.

Addressing Drainage and Air Quality Issues

Humidity and drainage can become a real problem in basements, especially for homeowners who lack the right equipment to deal with such matters.

Floor drains and waterproof materials are often essential for dealing with interior environments that may suffer from leaks and water intrusion. Dehumidifiers, space heaters and fans that can improve interior airflow and circulation can also be useful when it comes to controlling moisture levels.

Air filtration systems can remove any debris, particulate or unpleasant aromas that may be circulating throughout basements. The addition of a few stand-alone appliances or a more sophisticated climate-control system can go a long ways towards ensuring that basements will provide a superior level of comfort.

Investing in Quality Rugs and Carpeting

A quality rug or the right carpeting can make a welcome addition to any basement. Carpeting may prove to be a more attractive alternative to other flooring materials for those who live in cooler regions and climates.

The installation of a good carpet can help to take the chill out of a basement room and ensure that the space and environment are able to remain warm and cozy throughout the cooler months of winter.

Rugs which may be easily removed, cleaned or aired out are an ideal option for homeowners who have concerns regarding moisture levels or how the absence of direct sunlight may effect installed carpeting.

Cork-flooring Installations

While carpeting may be ideal for creating a cozy atmosphere, a more durable flooring option may be called for in rooms and environments that may see a great deal of foot traffic.

Cork floors are durable, versatile and provide a great deal of comfort due to their ability “give” when compressed. These floors are also able to reduce ambient sound levels, making them the perfect option when remodeling a basement in order to create a home gym or activity area.

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