Air Conditioner Maintenance: 5 Tips for Annual for Annual Check-Ups


Air conditioning system is one of the basic home systems that everyone installs in a house. It produces cold air in warm season and helps to heat the residence during the winter times. As it produces one of the basic ingredients of a human life – air, it is essential that the system runs well and effective. This is why manufacturers of create specific instructions for every type of air conditioning systems and it is of utmost importance that you follow them. In this article we would like to present you five basic tips for annual A/C maintenance to ensure that your breathing air is always fresh!

1. Change the filter

All central air conditioning systems have their inner filters. According to experts from Simply Green reviews it is major to change them once a month. In case you have forgotten to do so monthly, get up right now and change your A/C’s old filter immediately!

2. Clean the vents

This tip should also be performed several times a year. In order to ensure that you do everything properly, read instructions about your specific type of air conditioning system. The basic idea of cleaning the vents leads to simple regular dusting a couple of times a year. While this step can be performed as a do-it-yourself project, it is advised to call for professional help if you have no experience in this field.

3. Check to see if you are blocking the condensing unit

Sometimes air conditioning systems stop working simply because their condensing units are covered with something. So in case your home A/C does not operate properly, check this unit first, before you give the alarm. According to the field experts’ reports, the covering objects may include pretty much any piece of your patio furniture or maybe even box with old clothes. In case you see no such large objects, verify presence of leaves and clean them out if there are any.

4. Check your freon levels

Based on instructions and manufacturers’ claims air conditioning systems do not consume freon. This means that in an ideal world you will not have to charge or refill it once in a while. However, most older models of air conditioning systems have leaks in the system which results in the loss of this liquid. So verification of freon level is a must for your annual A/C check performed by a qualified expert.

5. Check everything else

Of course, it is easy to say “everything else”. But as professionals from Toronto Simply Green office explain, annual check should be performed by an expert who is able to identify any serious problems with your system. With no doubt, you yourself will not be able to find minor issues existing in your system while a qualified expert can find any troubles and even minor details. A professional will be able to check not only your freon issues should any exist, but also check electrical controls and coils to ensure that they are in top shape.

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