Running your business from a Concrete Garage


Some of the world’s most renowned, respected and biggest companies started their life in a single garage attached to their home. From the streets of England, USA, China and Japan, garages have been the perfect setting for companies to start their existence.

According to the leading research (and some wild stories!), brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Nike, Disney, Harley Davison and more all began their lives at the owners parents house or in their own garage, before turning into multi-billion pound corporations. The story goes that they started with nothing but a concrete garage, but as you can see from below it has a lot more to offer than just a solid shell.

For starters, a garage has a lot of space and provides a lot of protection. These are the two fundamentals of a standard garage and it is why many people use them for storage of cars or other items. Strip it back to the bare bones however and there is a large rectangular shell that can be converted to fit in tables, a desk, a few computers, or even a small workshop to begin the development of your project.

Many garages are actually larger than a home lounge or bedroom so if you think about what you can get in that space, the opportunities to create an environment that is not only spacious but also productive are endless. Concrete garage companies also make garages to bespoke sizes, the space you can get is vast.

Concrete Garage

As well as the space element, garages are also secure. In the world today, many expensive cars, bikes and family heirlooms are kept in garages. Why? Because people know they are safe. For this reason, if you are working on the next big thing, keeping items such as laptops in there overnight and much more, a garage provides the safety you require.

Lower financial costs are also a great reason to start your business from your garage. In the UK you would have to register it with the taxman but there are tax benefits too and it will be less than paying out for regular rent payments at a unit. There will also be less overhead costs for heating and electric, as well as not having to worry about large set up costs.

Commuting and flexible hours are other great reasons why starting up from your own concrete garage is great. You will never have to sit in long traffic to get to work, and, if needed, you can drop the kids off in the morning, work during the evenings and, more importantly, be in control of the time you spend working each day. The chances are you will also create the right incentives and environments to boom, meaning greater returns for your company.

If you are considering a start-up business from home, why not look at the garage as the perfect starting location. With all the added benefits above, it can set your new venture on the right tracks and give you more impetus to make a success of your new business. You never know, you could be starting the next multibillion pound brand.

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