6 Great Reasons To Build A Sunroom


A sunroom is a room that is wide open to the outdoors. Sometimes referred to as an all-season room, a sunroom can either be insulated to be used year-round or capable of handling weather down to freezing for colder climates. There are many advantages to building a sunroom. Perhaps one of the greatest is the ambiance that it provides. There is nothing more liberating than sitting in a room that provides you with all the things you love about the outdoors while shielding you from the things you don’t.

A sunroom can lighten and brighten your entire house, especially if it’s strategically placed. If you have a beautiful backyard, it can enhance the view of it. Finally, it can offer you additional space for sitting and entertaining. Need more reasons to build a sunroom? These are six excellent ones.

1 Economically sound

Unlike major renovations or additions, a sunroom typically doesn’t involve the same costs as an addition, but can still provide you with the additional space you crave. In many regions, you don’t have to build a foundation to add a sunroom. That equals less cost overall for the same advantages to creating more space for your “living” area.

2 Bring the outdoors in

When you add a sunroom, and attach it to your major living space, it lightens the entire feel of your home and enhances your enjoyment of the outdoors. Positioning your sunroom can help to bring in natural light. Helping to meld the exterior of your home within the interior, it creates a haven for times when you want to enjoy the outdoors when they aren’t so enjoyable.

3 No construction mess

When you build an addition to create more space, you have to deal with the mess and cost of construction. Construction is not only a very expensive proposition, but it can also be very disruptive to your household and sometimes can force homeowners to relocate. That can be an additional expense. A sunroom can provide you with a lot of additional space without the same costs and hassles associated with traditional additions. They also can be constructed much more quickly and without all the permits and inspections needed for traditional homebuilding.

4 They are energy-free

Sunrooms typically don’t need to be heated and cooled, so you won’t need to install an air conditioning unit that will increase your energy costs. Usually constructed to use only when the weather allows, they are shut off from the house when you want them to be while you can still enjoy the extra space and the natural light that they provide. That means you get all the advantages without all the disadvantages that can come when you expand the living surface of your home. The perfect mix of all worlds, they just make more sense than traditional additions.

5 A great buffer

When you have active kids or a pool outside, what you typically find is that your door becomes a high-traffic area of the house. A sunroom can be the perfect “go-between” for your entry. When you use materials that are highly indestructible, you don’t have to worry about wet bathing suits or feet as they make their way into your home. Kids can hang out in the sunroom and you don’t have to worry about what they are ruining or destroying. When you choose the right building materials, sunrooms are a perfect stress-free addition to buffer your home from the great outdoors.

6 A great escape

When you sit in your sunroom and shut the doors, it is like escaping the everyday. Unlike any other room in your house, a sunroom can provide you with a quiet heart and a space to hide. Enjoy your first cup of coffee or have a nightcap, all while enjoying the outdoors. If you don’t have a nook to call all your own, a sunroom may be the perfect way to welcome and to end your day away from the chaotic nature of your home.

A sunroom offers many of the same advantages of a traditional addition without all the hassles, expense and disruption. The perfect and happy medium to suit your need for more space, sunrooms are like welcoming a little of the outdoors in all year-round.

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