5 Tips for Choosing a Realtor


Buying and moving into a new home is an immensely complicated task. There are dozens of procedures, objectives and chores to consider when you’re entering the housing market. But when you’re weighing which tasks are the most important, nothing should top choosing a competent real estate agent. Regardless of what type of home you’re searching for, the real estate agent you choose will either make the process a breeze or a nightmare. Here arefive tips to keep in mind when shopping around for the perfect real estate agent that will have you hiring a moving company in no time.


Request a comparative market analysis

A comparative market analysis informs you about how fairly priced the houses are in your designated neighborhoods in comparison to houses that have equal commodities. This is the first step is discovering if your chosen agent is trustworthy. Ask them for a CMA, and then verify the information you’re given on websites like Zillow that freely offer these statistics.

When are stuck with the relator?

Before hiring a realtor, it’s important to discuss at what point you’re obligated to work with them. You being unhappy simply won’t cut it, and the realtor still wants a slice of the real estate pie. Sometimes onlytouring a home will bind you to an agent, other times it’s when you place a bid on a home.

Check their references

The best way to approach hiring a real estate agent is to treat them like a job candidate, with you being the hiring manager. Choosing a realtor is less about what you asking for their help, and more about letting them tell you how they can help you. So take them through the standard job interview process. Relators are going to talk up their biggest wins during this time, and it’s your job to check the validity of those claims. Chat with their co-workers, and ask to speak with their last five clients. This is someone you have to count on; reassurance that your chosen realty agent is qualified will relieve a lot of stressful situations.

Look into the realty fees

Pretty much every realty agent has fees. Some people are upfront about what their service costs, others are more nickel-and-dime about the process. But if money is an important factor for you, it’s important to ask what fees, hidden or otherwise, you’re responsible for by using this realty agent.  The common response is that most agents don’t charge a flat fee, but they request you pay them a percentage of the home’s final price. This commission averages at about six percent, which can turn into a pretty hefty fee. If that seems like too much, then you might be better off searching alone. But if you’re set with paying that amount, don’t forget to check out what the agent’s cancellation policy is. Sometimes it’s free, but there is often some type of fee associated with it.

Will the agent show you every home for sale?

The final test is to discover if the relator is willing to show you every property in the area, including the homes that are being sold by the owner instead of the bank, which are opportunities that pay them commission. If they’re not willing to help you unless they get a slice of the real estate pie, they’re likely not worth hiring.

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