Services Offered by Waste Management Companies


Have you ever wondered what happens to the trash that you keep out in the open? Ideally, the garbage man picks it up and takes it to the landfill or the incinerator to burn it. But who hires the garbage man? Who authorises the purchase of garbage trucks and regulates the system of collecting waste from different neighbourhoods throughout the country? This is primarily done via waste management companies that are contracted by the government and private clients. Waste management companies offer many different services that you should know about. Read on to find out more about the services offered by waste management companies throughout the UK:

waste collection


You may have seen different dustbins that are marked with the recycling logo. It’s a triangle with three arrows pointing in different directions. Waste management companies collect all of the recyclable waste and sort it. Once the recyclable waste has been sorted, the company then processes it and sells it off to environmental organisations and other companies that use it as raw material. Recycling is very important in the modern world.

In fact, numerous government agencies have begun to highlight the importance of recycling nowadays. Without proper recycling, the amount of waste across the globe will rise exponentially, which would eventually lead to some serious environmental concerns. Therefore, waste management companies play a very important role in preserving the environment and keeping the country clean.

Waste Collection

The primary service offered by most waste management companies is waste collection. These companies are generally under contract from blue chip organisations: regional housing developers, building and construction firms, and several government-funded organisations for collecting waste. Many factories generate harmful waste that must be collected in a very specific manner. Collection is necessary in order to prevent damage to the environment. In some cases, the government has introduced strict legislation regarding the timely collection of waste. In case the company fails to get the waste removed from its property on time, the government may slap a fine on the factory.

Land Remediation

Repurposing a junkyard or any property that’s been abandoned for a while is not as easy as it looks. Waste management firms will usually begin with soil testing, which includes a comprehensive analysis in order to identify any traces of hydrocarbons, asbestos, sulphate, polyaromatic hydrocarbons and other kinds of waste. In case it’s a waste disposal or recovery site, soil testing is necessary before remediation begins.

After soil testing is complete and the site passes the tests, the next step is to remove the dirt and waste from the land so that it is readied for construction and development. Most waste management companies have a fleet of different vehicles that they use in order to clean the site. The company can remove all of the waste from the site and level the ground. Most waste management companies offer tailored services to their clients. You can ask for a free, no-obligation quote in order to get an idea of the total costs of collection.

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