5 Reasons Why you Should Consider a Metal Roof for your Home


If you are building your dream home, there are many different materials that can be used for roofing, with the traditional tiles on a timber framework something that is fast disappearing in new builds. For Australian homeowners, metal roofing is the ideal solution, and if you have not considered this, here are just a few of the reasons why metal is the ideal material for a modern roof.

  1. Optimum Durability – A tiled or asphalt roof might last you 15-20 years, providing it is well-maintained, yet its metal counterpart will be good for 30-60 years. When you consider how much punishment a roof takes, it is hardly surprising that metal offers the best long term protection, and with decades of trouble free protection, you really are getting value for money. If, for example, you are looking for roofing materials in Melbourne, there is an affordable online supplier who has an extensive list of quality metal roofing solutions, and they are always happy to advise regarding any aspect of roofing.
  2. Safety – With a metal roof, fire will not receive that much needed fuel, and if you happen to live in a rural environment where bush fires are a reality, then metal roofing is by far the safest solution. A metal roof will handle high winds and storms, and with the right design, it will withstand anything the elements can muster up. Roof tiles can cause a lot of damage if loosened in a storm, and the metal panels will be riveted in place, and the weight helps keep the roof intact, even with very strong winds.
  3. Variety – The range of colours allow for any design concept, and with metal, it is possible to create a tiled look, and with a well thought out design and a different shade for the guttering and flashing, you can really transform the exterior appearance of your home. You might prefer galvanised steel, or perhaps aluminium, and with colour fast solutions, finding something unique is easy.
  4. Affordability – Metal roofing is very affordable when compared to other, more traditional methods, and with all the other benefits, it does make for a wise choice, especially in the harsh Australian climate. There are online suppliers of all roof related materials, and they offer their products at trade prices, which is always welcome. It is advisable to spend some time browsing through the extensive range of metal roofing items, and there would likely be a FAQ section, should you be unsure about anything.
  5. Eco Friendly – A metal roof is environmentally for a few reasons, as the metal would largely be recycled, and when the time comes for the roof to be dismantled, it can again be recycled. If you think about the amount of timber that has been used for roofing, then metal seems a much more eco-friendly solution.

Metal roofing ticks all the boxes, which is why more and more Australian home and business owners are opting for a metal solution for their roofing needs.

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