A Guide to Customised Shed Solutions


There was a time when made to measure was exclusively for the wealthy, yet over the past decade, customisation has reached every sector of industry, and for those who would like to add some living space with an external structure, there are tailored solutions that are also affordable. It might be a garage you are after, or perhaps your hobby demands a workshop, whatever your needs, there are suppliers of steel fabrications who can tailor their work to almost any design.

Designed from the Ground Up

The days of shopping for off the shelf sheds are behind us, and by making contact with an established manufacturer who also installs, you can have your custom unit at trade prices, as you cut out the middleman. The Internet is a great source of information, and a person might be looking for custom sheds in Melbourne, or Sydney, but with a Google search, they will soon be in touch with the right company, and one that offers a bespoke service. There is much to consider when designing a shed, such as, whether or not you require natural light, and if so, a few well-placed skylights will ensure good daylight visibility.


Of course, not everyone wants to handle the installation, but with some manufacturers, you have the choice, and if your budget is limited, the DIY route is very appealing. All you need is a basic understanding of construction principles and a decent tool set, and you will not only save money, you will also have the satisfaction of knowing you built the shed yourself.

Cold Steel Panels

When thinking about shed materials, you really ought to go for something that is non-corrosive, especially with the harsh Australian climate, and steel will handle anything that Mother Nature can muster. Colours offer an easy match, and with roller door security, your new workspace will always be secure. If you live in a rural setting bushfires might be a concern, and steel is by far the best material for such a structure, as it is fire resistant, and with a solid construction, there will be no damage in a heavy storm, as the panels will not dislodge.

Maintenance Free

A steel fabricated shed will give you many years of trouble free use, and with a solid warranty from the manufacturer, you can be sure of value for money. Non-corrosive materials are guaranteed not to fade, crack, or peel, and with fast colour, your shed will always look like new.

High Security

The shed can be designed with security in mind, and with steel roller doors and toughened safety glass in the windows, the unit will be well protected against forced entry. Wherever you live, security is an issue and with many valuables stored in the structure, you need to be sure you have ample security.

Online solutions enable you to make contact with a local manufacturer, and from that moment on, your dream shed will be set to become a reality.

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