5 Best Ideas to Make Storage Units Look More Attractive


Do you own a storage unit and find that most people tend to go for others in the vicinity even though your storage unit has the same rental rate as the rest? Why do you think it’s that way?

We can tell you the answer. Although one of the main things people keep in mind while renting out a storage unit is the rental rates, it is not the only thing people tend to look for when trying to get a place to keep their valuables in. People are usually more attracted by places which are aesthetically more pleasing and have many features which add to their appeal. If you want your storage unit to be more attractive to the renters, try to notice if you’re missing any of the mentioned features:

Regular Cleaning

Clean places are the most appealing, undoubtedly. Make sure that you have a cleaning staff for your storage unit that comes in at least once a week to make the whole place look great. This does not only pertain to the innards of the unit but the outside should look just as clean. This is because the outside is what the potential renters will come across first. Only after they are satisfied by the hygienic conditions of the building will they decide to consider the place.

Regular Maintenance

Another thing you must be particular about is the maintenance of the storage unit. Maintenance is not the same as cleaning. Cleaning is a part of good maintenance but other than that you must also make sure that the unit is painted regularly that is after every couple of years, any leaks or cracks in the walls and ceilings must be fixed promptly, the flooring must also be evened out etc.

Color Scheme

Coming to aesthetic appeal, we have already mentioned that the first thing the people will notice in the storage unit is the outside. Make sure that the outside of the storage unit is painted with a good color scheme and not dull colors that drive potential customers away. Just as the outside should be color coordinated, so should the inside of the unit, make sure it is appealing enough for the renters to consider the unit.

Surrounding Area

The surrounding area of the storage unit must also be appealing to the eye. Try to keep it in a place with evenly paved roads and some greenery to make it look more beautiful. Sometimes people just chose a storage unit because the surroundings are pretty.

Climate Control

Additional features which increase the functionality of the storage unit seem to attract the customers a lot. An example of such a feature is climate control. If you have let’s say a Storage Units Phoenix, you would not want the hot, humid climate of the area to affect your goods. This is where the climate control feature of the unit itself would come into play in protecting your goods.

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