The Best Option to Stop a Foreclosure Sale in California


After homeowners receive a Notice of Trustee Sale, homeowners should take immediate action to stop the foreclosure process or they will lose their home to the bank. Foreclosures can be a nightmare to many homeowners and the best person or company that can show you how to stop foreclosure sale is an attorney that file bankruptcy to stop foreclosure or a specialize mortgage attorney.

When you fail to keep up with your monthly mortgage payments, your lender is more likely to send out a notice of default. A Notice of Trustee Sale is an official notice that is sent to a mortgage defaulter or homeowner in accordance with California foreclosure laws telling you that his or her home will be auctioned. Normally the foreclosure process starts off with 3 missed mortgage payments and a notice of default before announcing a sale date.  A foreclosure notice can come in different stages which include: 30 day notice for a late mortgage payment, a notice of default after missing 3 mortgage payments, and finally a notice of trustee sale delivered by hand before the time and date of sale. Homeowners can still contact the lender to discuss a solution after a foreclosure threat has been made. The best thing you can do in this situation is to hire an experienced foreclosure attorney from a reputable law firm.  You can rely on an attorney to lead you to the best legal actions to help you stop the foreclosure process and save your home at the same time.

Foreclosure Sale

As soon as homeowners receive the Notice of Default, the foreclosure process moved forward. During this critical time homeowners should get in contact with an experienced foreclosure attorney to discuss your options to prevent foreclosure. Options to avoid foreclosures include: filing a lawsuit for illegal foreclosure, filing a bankruptcy, applying for a loan modification, applying for a short sale, trying to refinance, or requesting a deed in lieu of foreclosure.

Foreclosure Lawyer usually based their foreclosure defense on the Home Owner Bill of Rights or SB900 to identify any violations of the lenders. Some common violations that violate SB900 are: No written denial of modification and no period for appeal after your loan modification request have been turned down. Foreclosure lawyers with years of experience can easily detect violations from the lenders.  Filing a bankruptcy is also a very common solution to many foreclosure cases. Filing bankruptcy can eliminate debts and keep assets in your procession. Depending on your situation you can file either a chapter 7 or a chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Experienced foreclosure attorneys from Consumer Action Law Group are here to help homeowners with his or her options. When undergoing the option of deed in lieu of foreclosure the lenders agreement shows the market value or higher will the entire mortgage owned to the home. Homeowners must present documentation of voluntarily entering this type of agreement.  Another option than can possibly stop foreclosure is a short sale, which permits the homeowner to sell the home referred to as a pre-foreclosure. Homeowners should always remember there are negatives and positives to all options presented. For best result, always get advice and find a foreclosure option from a foreclosure attorney.

Consumer Action Law Group has a team of talented foreclosure attorney that help homeowners to stop foreclosure. They offer free case evaluation to homeowner that want to stop foreclosure.

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