4 Home Gadgets to Save Money


Today’s world has become a place where there are gadgets made to improve just about everything in your life. You can find everything from smart lights to smart thermostats, and most are controlled right from your smartphone. But just because there is a gadget for everything, does not mean their initial costs are worth the benefits.

If you are looking for some home gadgets that will ultimately save you money, check out these four. Although their initial costs are higher than their less smart counterparts, the long-term amount of money they save you is worth it.

Smart Thermostat


Thermostats have come a long way from being a simple dial that adjusts the temperature up and down. Now you can find smart thermostats that do everything from allow you to program different temperatures at various times of the day to others that learn your behaviors and adjust to the temperature it predicts that you want. All come in models that are easily controlled by your smartphone. No matter which model you choose, you will save on your heating and cooling costs by not continually running your HVAC system.

Smart Sprinkler System

Similar to thermostats, there are now sprinkler systems that are programmed to run at certain times and on certain days. You can even schedule multiple programs for the different seasons. Although these are not necessarily new, what is new is that you can control these systems from your smartphone. Plus, many of these newer systems have rain sensors. No longer do you need to run outside and turn them off on a rainy day. The sensor automatically detects the moisture and turns them off for you.

Efficient Shower Heads

An enormous amount of water is wasted every time someone takes a shower in your home. Although it is unlikely that you will be able to convince your family members or guests to turn the water on and off while they soap up their bodies, wash their hair, or shave, you can find other ways to save on water consumption. The easiest and most efficient way is to invest in a water-saving shower head. These shower heads restrict the amount of water that flows through them and save up to 70% of your normal usage. Not only are you saving water, but you are saving money on your water bill each month by using efficient shower heads.

Solar Outdoor Lighting

Why spend money on electricity to power your outdoor lights when it’s completely unnecessary? Many outdoor lighting options come with built-in solar power. There is no need to dig a trench, bury the electrical wires, and wire them to a panel on your home. Instead, just stick the lights in the ground around your yard and wait until it gets dark. Each light has a solar panel on top which charges the light, and once the sun sets your lights turn on automatically. It’s simple, easy, and cost-efficient.

Take advantage of the technologically savvy world around you and invest in one or more of these smart gadgets to save money.

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