Electrical Safety In The Bathroom


It is important to follow electrical safety in the bathroom which is equipped with electrical appliances. Water and electricity is a dangerous combination and can lead to electrical hazards. The bathroom is a place where there is a chance of water coming in contact with electricity and therefore is one of the most accident prone places in the home. Most people are not aware of the importance of exercising electrical safety in the bathroom. It is important to inform them about the risks involved and stay protected.

Here we mention a few electrical safety tips to ensure a safe and comfortable time in the bathroom.


The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in a home. There can be a lack of lighting in the bathroom if there are very few windows or ice-covered windows. There should be adequate lighting so the things in the bathroom are visible. A good lighting can set the right kind of ambience in the bathroom.

Make sure that the bathroom lights are waterproof and watertight. A large amount of steam is released when you have a hot water bath or shower. This steam can get into the light fixtures leading to electrical hazards. While installing new lights in the bathroom ensure that you use good quality lights and that the electrical connections are checked by a licensed Electrician Ryde.


Hand-held Appliances:

All hand-held appliances like hair dryers and shavers should be unplugged when not in use to avoid the risk of shock or fire. Keeping appliances and devices away from water is a good way to avoid accidents.


Candles should be extinguished when not in use to avoid fires. Installing smoke alarms is a good option, so you are alerted in case of a fire in the bathroom.

Electrical Outlets:

Electrical outlets are required in the bathroom for the use of devices like hair dryers, shavers, etc. There is a risk of electrical shock if the electrical outlets are not properly installed. Ensure that the electrical outlets are placed on the appropriate circuits. Also the outlets should have grounded fault circuit interrupters. There is a chance of electricity escaping from the appliances if there is no GFCI and it can be dangerous to touch the appliances when you are wet. An outlet with a GFCI circuit disconnects the power automatically when an overload is detected.

Keeping the bathroom safe from electrical hazards should be considered a top priority. It is even more important if there are small children or elderly persons at home. If you are installing new lighting or remodeling the bathroom you can take the help of Electrician Sydney. We have a team of dedicated and trained electricians who are experienced in handling all electrical problems. Our professional electricians will conduct a thorough inspection of the electrical connections in your bathroom and install the necessary outlets and fixtures. We not only do the installations but also advise you the best possible solutions to ensure electrical safety.

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