3 Ways to Add Storage Space to a Small Home


There’s never enough storage and too many things to store. From holiday decorations that look great in October or December and then sit in your closet for the rest of the year, to photo albums and personal memories that you cherish, it’s hard finding room that’s also out of your way. Many homeowners often place these items in their attics or crawlspaces, leaving them vulnerable to heat damage and potential roof leaks. However, it is possible to create more storage space in your small home without taking space that you currently live in. Try these three DIY projects to create a more organized home.

Install Hooks for Vertical Storage

Image via Flickr by the girl who owns the world

Instead of thinking about storage from a closet or cabinet standpoint, consider installing hooks in places where you can hang items and open up space for bulkier items. Ladies, add small hooks on a wall in your bathroom and use them to hang your jewelry. Not only will this free up a drawer or two, it will also serve as decoration to brighten up the wall. Plus, when you’re getting ready in the morning you can glance at the wall and consider your options before choosing the perfect accessories for the day. You can also do this for scarves inside your closet that normally get bunched in the back.

Build Rolling Storage Under the Bed

Many homeowners place items they don’t want to look at under the bed, and then almost throw their backs out trying to retrieve them throughout the year. First, evaluate if you actually need those items — like old boxes and unused ladders — and throw away anything that doesn’t provide you value.

Next, attach wheels to storage containers and tuck them underneath your bed and your child’s bed. Instantly you have easy-access storage for extra linens and towels, while your kids have a place for their toys. This is a great way to free up a closet or remove the need for a chest. You can even get creative and paint them fun colors that match your decor theme!

Set Up a Shoe Rack by the Door

If you’re running out of room in your closet, consider moving your shoes to the front door, Japanese style. You can either invest in a storage piece specifically for shoes, or you can get crafty with shelving and boxes.

There are additional benefits to keeping your shoes at the front door. You and your guests will track less dirt into the house, which will reduce allergens and damage to your hardwood floors. This is especially true if you have young kids who seem to pick up everything they touch. In cooler areas, you can even turn the area by the door into a makeshift mudroom where kids can take off their bulky coats and scarves and hang them up before entering the rest of the house.

It’s easy to find ways to consolidate space and eliminate wasted areas with creative storage tactics. You just have to brainstorm new ways to arrange your items and learn what you can live without.

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