4 Types of Cabinet Doors for Your Kitchen


With regard to the value of your home, the kitchen matters the most. Any positive changes you make in this room are those you’re likely to recoup financially when you sell your house. Nothing makes your kitchen look more appealing for a reasonable price than attractive cabinets highlighted by stylish doors. Here are four types of cabinet doors for your kitchen.

Glass Doors

Image via Flickr by Kelly Sue

Out of all cabinet door facings, most people consider glass doors the most attractive. They open up the lighting in a room. Since the cabinets themselves appear visible, glass doors also make an entire kitchen feel more open. If you choose pretty dishes and cups, you should get in the habit of ordering them attractively in the cabinet. In combination with the glass doors, the items in your cabinets become part of your overall kitchen decor.

The negative of glass doors is obvious. They break. Since they’re not cheap, you shouldn’t purchase these if someone in your family is accident-prone.

Face Frames for Base Cabinets

Among the primary cabinet styles, standard base models are the most popular. That’s because they’re the cheapest to buy. You can enhance the look of your inexpensive base cabinets easily if you don’t like the current appearance.

Simply add a face frame to your current structure as a DIY project. It’ll hide the rough edges your cabinets have accumulated over years of usage, making them look new again. You can even add more individuality and utility to your renovation by building a DIY rolling bar cart. It’ll give you more storage space at a modest cost. You might even use it as a portable wine cart to impress your guests.

Frameless Doors

You won’t always have a lot of space to make changes. If you’re trying to enhance a tight cabinet area, the best way to maximize the facing is with frameless cabinets. They’ll fold back instead of pulling outward, making them a wonderful solution for narrow kitchen walk-throughs. They also offer the advantage of hiding their hinges and mounts when the doors close. The invisible hardware adds to the overall aesthetic. The one drawback to frameless cabinets is that they’ll require a bit more width to open, as they’re generally at least an inch broader.

Flat-Panel Doors

Are you seeking a rustic vibe for your kitchen? If so, flat-panel doors are your best choice. They offer a clean look but are still sleek enough to offer a dramatic upgrade to the visuals of cabinets. Plus, they integrate well with molding to offer a potent combination if you want to combine potential renovations. Since they’re flat, these doors are also ideal for tight spaces. The only downside with flat-panel doors is that they’re not for every kitchen. Their look is more specific than the other options above.

Choosing the perfect cabinet door can do wonders for the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. You’ll have more fun every time you grab a bite to eat. When you sell your home, it’ll be more desirable to potential buyers. Simply follow the steps above to reinvigorate your kitchen vibe.

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