5 Timeless Kitchen Design Tips


A beautiful kitchen improves the interior of your home, just like an outdated or unattractive kitchen makes your home feel drab. When you’re planning a kitchen renovation, stick with design tips that will make your kitchen look timeless, not trendy, so the design lasts for years without getting tired.

Elegant Cabinets

Simple cabinets with traditional detailing look best in kitchens. If you want the most modern cabinets, splurge on function and quality instead of the latest looks. High-quality wood cabinets with soft-close drawers in a timeless design like the Shaker style will look graceful years later. Avoid bright colors, weird door configurations, or strange materials. Glass doors on a few cabinets also look pretty, but only if you’re willing to keep whatever’s inside those cabinets perfectly organized at all times.

A Neutral Color Palette

Beige, white, soft yellow, and wood tones look beautiful in almost every kitchen. Trends might encourage you to use bright colors or to increase the contrast, but these looks will go out of style quickly. Stick to neutral, natural colors in your kitchen, and it will age very gracefully. You can always use wall art and textiles to add bright colors, and as trends change, those accent pieces are easy to replace, too.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances began as a trend, but it has turned into a staple. When you go for white or black appliances, other elements of your kitchen need to match. White surfaces sometimes prove harder to keep clean, and black appliances can appear too harsh, especially in small spaces. Stainless steel, on the other hand, has a mildly reflective surface that helps with overall lighting. It always looks new, even when it’s not, and it gives your kitchen a feel of modernity.

Kitchen Islands

Though islands only work in kitchens big enough to hold them, they’re a timeless way to use kitchen floor space and add both extra countertop space and more storage. Current trends might influence you to put a range or a sink on your island, but resist the temptation. Simple countertop material and hardware that matches your cabinetry is enough. Use the space for cooking, or add a couple stools and use it as an eating space when you’re not using the dining room.

Hanging Pots and Pans

Many vintage kitchen designs called for pots and pans hung above the stove or from the ceiling to save space. Today, this space-saving technique is perfect for small kitchens that lack cabinet space. It doubles as an accent piece, since having cookware on display is one way to spruce up your kitchen decor. You can hang ladles, whisks, and other hand-held kitchen implements, too.

Timeless is always the best choice when remodeling a kitchen. You won’t get sick of it after a few years when trends change. Protect your investment by getting a home warranty from TotalProtect, because homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover the repair and replacement of appliances due to anything outside of a natural disaster. Protect your new kitchen so its timeless design will last you years.

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