Granny Flat: Who Can Enjoy Living in a Granny Flat


You may be in a quandary about what to do with aging parents or grandparents. Ideally, you’d prefer that they live with you rather than staying on their own or moving into a retirement home but you simply don’t have the room in your house. Extending your home is one option, but it’s very expensive. However, there is a better option that gives everyone the space and privacy they need to live together comfortably: a separate, self-contained granny flat.

Granny Flat

What is a granny flat?

A granny flat can be a self-contained apartment within a house or a separate self-contained dwelling in the backyard. It can be a small ready-built, transportable home that can simply be delivered to your site and quickly hooked up to power and water to provide accommodation for guests or elderly parents or for use as a home studio or home office.

The size of the granny flat you choose will be determined by local council regulations. Most Perth councils stipulate that a backyard studio should be no larger than 60 square metres. There are many great flat designs available that provide all the necessary creature comforts, including a kitchen and bathroom, within this size limit.

The features

A separate, self-contained granny flat will generally have all the features of a small apartment, including:

  • One, two or even three bedrooms
  • A part or full kitchen
  • An open plan living and dining area
  • A stylish, modern bathroom

Some granny flats include a laundry, however you can save on budget by choosing one without a laundry and using the laundry in your own home as a shared laundry.

Who will enjoy living in your granny flat?

It acquired their name as they are popular as seniors’ accommodation. Granny flats in Western Australia are ideal for using the space in a large backyard to provide comfortable accommodation for your aging parent or grandparent. This solution allows him or her to retain a level of independence, while you and your family can assist with daily tasks and provide company when needed.

Self-contained granny flats are also becoming popular for other purposes. By renting out your backyard studio accommodation, you can have additional income without having a boarder living in your home.  They’re also ideal as a home office or studio or teenager’s retreat. Many older people are also choosing to put a flat in their own backyard, moving in and renting out the family home, so they have a lower maintenance home and income while staying in an area they love.

Today’s self-contained granny apartment are also available in flexible designs so they can be readily customised to suit the space available in your backyard and positioned facing north for optimal thermal comfort year-round.

Granny flats in Western Australia provide endless benefits, from having more space for guests or teenagers, to accommodating elderly relatives, making extra income from a tenant or running a business from home. There are many stylish designs available and a backyard studio is a far more affordable option compared to building an extension onto your existing house. Please contact us if you want some advice on what is the best transportable home for you.

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