Why Wireless Home Security Is Gaining Importance?


When the time comes for you to protect your family, home and most valuable assets, don’t make any compromises When in the market for a home security system, you should always do your homework and choose the best one.

These days, hardwired systems (which operate via a landline) are quickly becoming obsolete. Why? For one, many people no longer have a home landline (they use cell phones instead) and two, hardwired systems have a vulnerability—intruders can cut the line (disabling the system in the event of a burglary).

People are opting to have wireless security systems, which provide the latest technology in home monitoring. One of the top brands that offer wireless security systems for both homes and businesses is ADT monitoring. It is among the most renowned home security companies in North America – protecting over 6 millions customers and growing.

So what are the exact advantages of a wireless home security system? There are various reasons why most customers do; let us have a look on them:

  1.    They are Affordable

This is one of the key reasons why many home and business owners are opting for wireless security systems. ADT monitoring states that home security protection starts at around $1 per day—fitting most budgets, regardless of income or specific home monitoring needs. The affordability of today’s systems means more people can protect their homes.

  1.    Features the Latest Home Security Technology

Wireless security systems include the latest technology—providing more security features and options. An example of this is that some systems allow homeowners to remotely arm and disarm their security systems from virtually any location. All that’s needed is an Internet connection and a smartphone or tablet. Everything is all managed via a user-friendly mobile app.  

  1. Provides Quick Response

If anything triggers the home alarm, the wireless security system offered by the ADT monitoring will immediately respond, notifying the local authorities of the emergency situation. Timing means everything, so every second counts. The quick response feature aims to provide peace of mind.

  1.    Offer Continuous Monitoring

Wireless security systems operate via cell towers and are equipped with CellGuard technology, so systems run smoothly day-to-day. They provide continuous protection—even if there is bad weather or the power goes out. A 24-backup battery will keep the system running properly without any interference.

ADT monitoring’s wireless security systems are the solution to keeping your loved one and homes protected at all times. With superior innovation and technology, these systems stand apart from the rest.


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