Who To Notify and When During A Move


Some cross country movers say, preparing for a move is full of to-dos and checklists. There are details to track and arrangements to be made, moving companies to hire, and house cleaning out to be done. While you’re running around getting your home ready for the move don’t forget to notify the necessary people in a timely manner. Here’s a list of the essential change-over to-do’s to help keep you on track for your next move.

Post Office Change Of Address

The first thing that should be done is to update your new address with the post office, determining the exact date your address of record should switch. Best practice dictates you should change your address online at USPS website or a branch location 30 days before your move. This notification will ensure your mail is forwarded for 60 days to a year to your new location. In the meantime, you can notify all of the necessary people, companies, and other institutions of your new address.

Credit Card Companies, Banks, and Other Institutions

Any company you have an account with that needs your address to send you bills, updates, and information on a regular basis should be notified of your move. The vast majority of these institutions make the change of address easy with an online form. Visit each website to update your information just before your move.


If you’re moving to a new town, you’ll need to determine which companies service your new address for utilities such as trash, water, electricity, gas, cable, and internet. Call these companies or visit their websites to initiate service. Do this well ahead of time so that your utilities are good to go the day you move in. Cable, satellite, or fibre may have to wait until you move in so you can be there on install day, but you can certainly call ahead to get the process initiated.


Whether you’re purchasing a new home or renting, you’ll need to notify your insurance company so they can update driver information, state insurance requirements for vehicles, and reassess homeowner or renters insurance based on your new residence.

Medical Offices

Contact your doctors, dentists, and specialists to get referrals for professionals in your new area. You should also arrange the transfer of your medical records to offices in your new location if you already have them identified.


Do not forget to notify the DMV up to a month prior to your move so that you can transfer your license and update your vehicle registration and insurance.


If you’re leaving a church behind, speak to the leadership there first for recommendations on churches in your new area. It may be that there are a few in your particular denomination available. Getting an idea of which ones are best suited for you and your family will help make the transition to your new town easier.

Social Organizations

Even if you’re moving out of state, most large associations and societies have chapters all across the country. If you’re moving out of one chapter and into a new one, notify the chapter leaders so they can prepare new chapter leaders to welcome you once you move.

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