Spray Foam in the Winter


NEPI Foam’s residential and commercial CT insulation contractors can help you to save on energy as well as save money. It is especially necessary to have quality insulation during the winter, to avoid air leaks and cold spots. Insulation that is out of date will not only decrease your energy efficiency, costing you money, but can also make your home uncomfortable during the cold, winter months.

NEPI Foam is a CT spray foam contractor that uses environmentally friendly spray foam insulation products that can help reduce the energy consumption of your building by up to 50%. Investing in new spray foam insulation will continue to pay for itself in monthly savings throughout the life of your building. NEPI Foams’ insulating s[pray foam acts as an air barrier requiring less fuel to efficiently heat your building during the frigid winter months in New England. Many other insulation types, like fiberglass insulation, leave spaces and gaps. Resulting in air leaks and significantly higher energy bills. Imagine the savings you can have with sufficient insulation and a reduction in HVAC needs.

This winter, be sure to have an efficient spray foam insulation CT coating in walls, ceilings, floors, crawlspaces, attics, etc. Spray foam can always be added to existing insulation, improving the benefits and energy savings even further. Whether you’re looking to re-insulate your home or you have a commercial building that needs insulation, NEPI Foam’s expert installation team will install new spray foam insulation quickly and efficiently, and you’ll see noticeable results when you’ve upgraded your insulation solution.

So don’t be cold indoors for yet another year! Indoor air comfort and health are extremely important since a large portion of your day is spent inside your own home. A healthy indoor air environment can help minimize allergens, dust, illnesses, and more. Contact NEPI Foam for a free estimate on a truly comfortable, winterizing spray foam application!

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