When To Call The Pest Pros


No property in Canada is completely pest free. Homes and businesses nationwide have to contend with everyday irritations, like a spider here or fruit fly there. While some pests are harmless and unavoidable, others are dirty and dangerous. When a bug or rodent is endangering your health and wellness, it is important to contact a professional pest control service immediately. Quick detection and timely service mean the difference between a minor irritation and a full-on infestation.

The Importance of Quick Action 

Sharing a living space with unwanted guests can be uncomfortable, unsanitary and can open the door to property damage. They might be small but insects and rodents cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage every year. It is easy to prioritize pest control needs once you understand exactly what you are dealing with. Instead of wasting time with DIY removal techniques for stubborn pests, call in the pros right away when you are dealing with:

Bed Bugs: They are not known to transmit disease, but bed bugs do leave behind nasty, itching, red bite marks. Known to be some of the most persistent pests around, it is important to get ahead of populations at the first sighting. Because they reproduce fast, bed bugs should be dealt with at first bite.

Mice/ Rats: Rodents tend to spend their time circling kitchens and potential food sources. This means that filthy paws are contaminating counters and proper surfaces, as well as digging into your food stores. Having droppings, urine and saliva scattered around your space can mean digestive illness, respiratory issues, allergens and even hantavirus. Ditch the risk, and the rodents as quick as you can.

Ants: Ants might be tiny, but they can pack a punch. Carpenter ants create their nests by burrowing into sound wood, causing property damage. After a long period, these gnaw marks can mean serious costs for repairs and replacements.

These are just a few examples of the consequences infestations can bring. At the end of the day, no pest is a good pest and they should be dealt with before they have the chance to grow their numbers.

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