What Goes Into A Dryer Vent Cleaning?


When appliances and ventilation systems are shiny and new, property owners don’t have a care in the world. As time goes on, debris builds up and wear and tear becomes a reality. Instead of replacing machines – check your ducts! A professional dryer vent cleaning improves functionality, boosts indoor air quality and saves costs on repairs, replacements and multiple loads.

Understanding The Process 

There are bigger things in life to be scared of than lint but these bits of fluff, hair and debris can still bring down the house – literally! Dryer lint is highly flammable, so a clogged system is at serious risk for dryer fires. To key to proper service is not only to flush out blockages, but to do everything possible to stop them from coming back. Sweeping an arm through your ventilation system isn’t enough to set it up for success. Professional cleaning services, like Gorilla Dryer Vent Cleaning in Toronto, have a step-by-step system for getting the best possible results.

Without the right tools, there is no way to dig deep into vents and ducts, and that is where the experts come in. Any well-established and reputable company arrives on scene with the right tools to see into tough to reach spaces, properly assessing just how far gone your ducts are. Vacuums then suck up large blockages – but the job still isn’t over! Even when large pieces are taken away, smaller foundation layers can remain. Instead of letting these layers slide, interior surfaces should be scrubbed clean, leaving your vents cleaner, for longer.

The Benefits

Hiring a professional might seem like a luxury, but this process does more than leave areas clean. Piles and buildups of lint, harbour mold growth, which then circulates in with air flow. This creates a damp environment, which encourages pest populations, such as silverfish to thrive, and contaminates air. Poor air quality can produce unwelcome smells, but it can also be a health hazards to children, the elderly and anyone who has a sensitive immune system. Keeping things clean means keeping things healthy.

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