What You Need to Know about Picking the Right Concrete Grinder for a Renovation Project


Are you looking to buy a concrete grinder but do not know what to look out for? What type should you choose? These are questions worth considering especially if you are new to concrete grinders.

If you are looking for something affordable and simple to use, then you might want to consider a single head concrete grinder. However, these do leave grinding shoulders otherwise called tool marks which look like rings when the concrete is wetted or when a sealant is applied.

Bigger size grinding wheels will leave a flatter finish with fewer tool marks than smaller diameter grinding wheels. Nevertheless, they will not crumble to the bottom as easily which might go numerous little bumps in areas where it is not perfectly level.

Double head grinders

Another option is to choose double head concrete grinders for sale which are much faster than single head grinders since they cover more area than its’ single head counterpart. However, they do come with some downsides. For one thing, they are much more cumbersome to move and consume more power. These concrete mills are primarily used for general flattening or cleaning of concrete, or they can be utilized for exposing the aggregate while they are usually not suitable for refined concrete.

8-Wheel flat type concrete grinder

Another kind of concrete grinder is the eight wheel, flat type with 4 of the grinding wheels rotating clockwise and four turning anti-clockwise. These machines also produce outstanding outcomes for smooth concrete or just for preparation of concrete floorings for cleaning or coatings application. They are likewise designed for quick and easy replacement of the grinding wheels and do not suffer from lateral forces like the three-headed planetary machines or the single-headed makers.

All the above devices can grind floors quickly other than for the corners and edges. The edges require an edge grinder that can position the grinding wheel versus a wall and run along the wall to even the grinding up to the side. There are walk behind concrete mills for this function that have either adjustable wheel tracking axles at the rear or a grinding head that can swing to the left or right to allow the grinding wheel to run along the wall while the concrete mill is relocation parallel to the wall.

All this equipment needs a proper vacuum dust extractor connected to them to avoid airborne dust. Ultimately, your decision about what concrete grinder to get will depend on the budget, the amount of work that needs to be done and whether a smooth finish without tool marks is vital and if the edges have smoothened as well.

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