Decorating the Walls with Tiles


Ceramic or Porcelain tile

Ceramic and Porcelain tiles, both are usually used in homes and other buildings but, there are many differences in their usage. Sometimes only of them is used while most people prefer to use a combination of them. Their combined use not only adds to the beauty of designs, but they also give more durability together. These tiles are used to decorate almost all kinds of places, especially homes. Ceramic and Porcelain tiles bring an attractive tough to the walls of lounge and kitchen. They offer a wide range of designs and colors. Also, they are perfect for people who have some kind of allergies. Their benefits have made them popular to the extent that they are a must for even bathroom walls.  

Types of Decorative tiles

Ceramic and Porcelain may be the most commonly used tiles in buildings, but they are not the only types of decorative tiles available. Tiles made of different materials are used in furnishing and adding the final touch to the house or office. Some of these materials are metal, slate, cork, glass and of course, ceramic and porcelain.

The metallic tiles are not commonly used, but they are sometimes preferred for kitchens. They are mostly used to play a part in decoration of the wall. Slate tiles are for those who want a quick process of applying the tiles. They are also known as ‘peel and stick tiles’. They are ideal for people not familiar with the tiles as they are really quick and easy to install. They do come in a wide range of colors and designs to make sure the user does not compromise on the decorative domain. They are versatile tiles, unlike metallic tiles. These can be used for any part of the house or office. Cork tiles are a new type of decorative tiles. They look like cork boards, as the name shows. These tiles are highly functional. Unlike other tiles, these tiles not only add a unique look to the room, but also, they can be used as pin boards. They come in a range of sizes to suit different decorative ideas. Cork tiles also add warmth to the room. This makes them a great option for living rooms in colder regions.  

Different arrangements for decoration

Using the right design or the type of wall does not guarantee an attractive look. They may be the tools, but the most important part is arranging the tiles in the best possible manner. There are a number of options available that you can follow to decorate your room or kitchen or any other part of the building.

Mosaic Arrangement
To follow this arranged, you need to arrange small tiles into a group to create a bigger picture. For this, the color and pattern plays a very important role. Any shape of tile can be used such as square or such. These 1-2 inch tiles are then arranged on the wall to create a bigger picture overall.

Painted Mural
This is usually chosen for lounge or bedrooms. Tiles of same sizes but different colors are used to look like a puzzle on the wall. The different pieces of tiles add up to give a picture of something. They look like a puzzle as each tile has a unique paint that adds to the overall image. The mural usually takes up a whole wall.  

Chessboard Design
In this design, use 2 contrasting colors to create the pattern of a checker board. You can follow the tile pattern of chess board using black and white tiles. Many people follow this pattern for their kitchen, but it is very important that it goes with the overall theme of the house.  

Buying Decorative Tiles

Buying the right type of wall can be confusing so in this section, we’ll be discussing some aspects of each tile that might help you choose the right tile.

The metal tiles are mainly copper. They are hard to cut and they can cost a lot too. They are not usually preferred for being expensive and difficult to shape so their usage is restricted to very few places like kitchen’s backsplash. Glass tiles are a popular choice. They are strong enough to even use on the floors! Their transparency level depends on user’s desire. You can also get many textures in these tiles. They are also not that heavy on the pocket, as compared to metal tiles.

The stone wall tiles are the most commonly used floor tiles. They include marble, granite, limestone etc. They are rough and tough. The marble tiles can withstand all weathers and weights. There is a wide variety of designs, decorations and colors available in marble tile. The price group varies a lot in the stone wall tiles as there is a wide range of tile options, some made of more precious stones than the others. To have the complete picture, it is recommended that you visit the tile shop near you and take a look at available stone tiles available.

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