What makes EPDM Roofing system so popular?


EPDM is commonly goes by the terms like rubber roofing, rolled rubber roofing, rubber membrane roofing etc. It is installed on flat roofs. There are 4 types of roofing system available, namely green roof, EPDM roof, thermoplastic and solar paneled roof. Out of all the 4, EPDM is most common and widely used. There are valid reasons behind its popularity. Here we would discuss its qualities and why it is best in the market.

EPDM rubber is made using slate dust, sawdust and recycled tire. The manufacture itself is using waste, which is giving back to the nature and helping it massively. The price range is shockingly cheap. It comes in 0.80 per square foot. Therefore it is the most reasonable roofing system available in the market. The lower price tag is a good reason for its popularity.

Aside from being reasonable, the quality is good too. It is durable, it is made out of waste materials, yet there is no trace of it in its function. It will last for a long time with some minor maintenance.

Then the easiness of installing EPDM roofing system is a plus. Any roofing contractor, newbie or old would be able to install it successfully. Contact roofing contractors Canton Michigan (5860 N. Canton Rd Suite 356, Canton, MI 48187) and quote a price for installing EPDM roof for you. EPDM rubber roofing is commonly done on flat roof, therefore, it is rather easy to install and maintain. The weight of this type of material is rather light; therefore, you do not need to hire too many roofing contractors for the job. Two or three person can do it efficiently. Some materials are heavy and the roof deck needs some reinforcements in order to make it safe. But there is no need of reinforcement in this system.

There are options available in terms of installing EPDM roof. You can use an anchor to attach certain areas where reaching is difficult. You can use nails to attach it. Some even try ballasting it with stones. This way it gives a good sight. It depends on the roofing contractor how they would like to install it. You can also choose a method if you have picked any favorite out of them.

Roof’s most hazardous problem is leakage and with EPDM rubber roofing, even if leakage does occur, it can be fixed fairly easily. You would be losing too much money when you fix a leakage on EPDM rubber roof. It lasts a long time, it does not easily scuff off or get scratches. With time EPDM rubber roof can develop patch leaks. This can be fixed using adhesives, latex tapes, and liquid roofing membranes. Now in the market, rubber shingles are also available. You can add a rubber shingles too where it need repair. These type of roof can be fixed by yourself if the cut or damage is small. EPDM is black in color and absorbs heat. This is another advantage.

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