The top roofing materials for your house


There are so many types and style of roofing material available in the market, that, it becomes difficult for one to choose the right kind of roofing material for the roof.

Before buying any roofing material for your house, you should think about it carefully that how long you want your roof to last and what kind of roof you want, whether eco-friendly or you want your roof to match with the design of your house.

  • Asphalt Roll Roof:

Lifespan of asphalt roll roof is from 5 to 10 years. It is suitable as a weekend DIY roofing project for your wood hut. Do not consider using it for your home. What you can do for extending the lifespan of asphalt roll roofing is to keep it clean from debris.

  • Composite Shingle Roof:

Composite shingles are cheap to purchase and install. Long life predictions for composite/asphalt shingles vary differently because the quality of this popular material varies wildly.

Premium composite shingles from manufacturers like Owens Corning, GAF, or Certainteed come with good warranty but  that does not mean that your roof will last 50 years. Be careful about cheap composite shingles that start to shed grains even in the first year. Never power wash your composite shingle roof. Remove moss as soon as possible.

  • Wood Shingle Roof:

Wood is an organic material. Its lifespan is 25 years. It is prone to weathering and decay. Try to replace split and cracked shingles immediately. Do not allow moss to grow.

  • Standing Seam Metal Roof:

 Pre-formed standing seam metal roofing is being widely used now. Lifespan is between 30 to 50 years. For purchasing and buying metal roof you should consult a company that specializes in metal roofing. Check your roof for fastener and sealant failures. Check for bent or migrating panels.  

  • Wood Shake Shingle Roof

Their lifespan is between 35 to 40 years. Wood shakes are much thicker than wood shingles. Thicker shakes can bear weather and UV rays better than thin wood shingles.

Thick wood shakes will last well over a quarter century, there is no “set it and forget it” option for any wood shingle. When the debris falls on the roof, clean it off immediately. Eliminate moss. Replace split shakes right away. Replace curled, cupped, or split shakes immediately.

  • Clay (Spanish) Tile Roof

Spanish tile roofs from California missions are still being used and they are well known for their lifespan. If you get a chance to travel to Spain and South America, you will find older Spanish tile roofs in reasonably good shape. Their lifespan is about 100 years. Do not walk on your tile roof as it can cause damage to your roof. If you notice that efflorescence has started developing, clean it with a clean, dry towel. Coat it with a clear alkyd primer. Replace damaged tile as soon as possible.

  • Slate Roof:

Lifespan is more than 100 years. Slate is so strong it makes all other roofing materials looks like as if they are papers. Slate roofs from Shakespeare’s time are still asset. Slate is real stone, laid down thick on the roof but adequate bind strength is required to hold this heavy load. Replace broken slate tiles. Have a look at tour roof and check if the flashings are correctly installed and in good working arrangement. When you see that your copper flashing is turning black, you should know that it is time to replace it.

As there are a lot of choices about roofing materials are available in the market, then, before purchasing any material, make sure that you have researched about the material and also consult a roofing contractors Plymouth Michigan and inform them what kind of roofing material you want and style of your roof. They can guide you in a better way.

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