What is LED High Bay —OBALS gives you the easy way to know the LED high bay lighting


Presumably speaking of LED light, we are all familiar with it, cause it has gradually come into our life as a leading role. Compared with the traditional light source, LED lights can save 50 percent of electricity with the highest luminous rate till now. But when it comes to LED high bay, most people have no idea what kind of lighting it is actually. Next, OBALS gives you an in-depth insight into LED high bay lighting from multiple perspectives.

High bay refers to the general name of lighting used in the production and operation areas of factories, mines, warehouses, and large sheds. LED high bay uses energy-saving technology on the basis of traditional industrial and mining lamp technology to save energy consumption to improve illumination so as to save investment funds.


According to the function, the high bay can be divided into general lighting and local lighting.

General lighting is installed equably on the upper part of the working place or side wall. To illuminate the whole working area, it needs to use the high-power incandescent lamp, a halogen tungsten lamp, a high-intensity gas discharge lamp or the fluorescent lamp. In addition, it has the strict requirement for the distribution of the light, using direct illumination model and half direct illumination model the two types of light distribution, especially latter. Part of the semi-direct lamp illuminates the ceiling with upward light, which can increase the brightness of the roof and create a more comfortable and bright environment.

(OBALS High Bay Light)

Local lighting basically is to raise illuminance of some working place. Strengthen on the basis of general illumination as complement lighting, also can be used as temporary lighting, so there is no strict regulation on its light distribution. Local lighting is usually installed in the vicinity of the working area, to use safe ultra-low voltage incandescent lamps and halogen tungsten lamp as the light source. There are portable lights, hanging lights, desk lamps, etc.

Operating Requirement

In order to meet the visual needs of different production operations and installation conditions of lighting, the reflector of the high bay should be able to generate the light distribution of various widths. The reflector made of aluminum, glass mirror, prism glass, and other materials can obtain wide light distribution by painting and glazing the surface to make it white, which is suitable for the large and vertical workplace. For the large workshop, which needs local lighting, the reflector made of prism glass, mirror glass, polished aluminum with strong light control can be used to obtain narrow beam light distribution.

Besides, there are special requirements for structural design, cover, and reflector of high bay, in order to work reliably in the dusty and humid places. Closed lamps or convection lamps should be used in dusty environment, but in the humid places should pay attention to the enclosure sealing and reflector surface treatment. In fact, general indoor commonly used open type lamps, which usually use enamel surface, alumina film laver or silicon dioxide protective film on the aluminum reflector.

Fixed Form

General lighting usually uses suction top, embedded, hoisted (with straight pipe or chain), suction wall or other forms.

Portable local lights are equipped with corresponding hooks, handles, clamps, etc.

Fixed local lighting is locked firmly in the working machine with a screw of fixed devices commonly.

How to Choose

  • According to the actual demand

When choosing LED high bay, you should consider not only whether the lighting demand meets the requirements, but also factors such as dust prevention, waterproof, and even explosion-proof conditions

  • Considering the comprehensive cost

You’d better choose LED high bay by regular manufacturers so that high-quality products can be obtained only throng once investment. When used, it not only saves the cost of electricity but saves the cost of maintenance and replacement.

  • According to the actual lighting area

   The high power light will lead to waste of electricity resources but low power light will not meet the lighting requirements, so the selection must depend on the actual situation. Also, the intensity of illumination and color temperature need to be taken seriously.

OBALS LED High Bay Light

  • Superior heat emission function

Superior heat emission structure with patented technology and power supply configuration, the light can work efficiently and safely.

  • Easy to install

The extra accessories can be installed in ceiling mounted and bracket projection-type.

  • Waterproof and dustproof

The unit construction of lamp adopts waterproof and dustproof design, which can meet the indoor and outdoor needs and other different application areas.

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