How to strengthen your home security without spending a small fortune


Unfortunately, for as long as the world spins round, burglaries are always going to happen. Granted, they are going to be more prevalent in some areas than others, but that doesn’t mean to say that precautions can’t be taken to try and strengthen your home security.

Of course, when the topic of home security is first mooted, many of us turn to those expensive camera-based systems. There’s no doubt that many of these are very effective, but the hefty price tags mean that it’s just not plausible to install on the majority of homes.

On the flip side, there are other options. You can “design” your home accordingly to deter potential burglars and safeguard yourself. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can do this.

Single glazed windows are just too dated

One of the most common ways burglaries used to occur was through a window. It was a simple case of breaking the glass, and making the entrance through the opening.

Nowadays, this isn’t quite as common and it’s for the simple reason that double-glazed, and even triple-glazed solutions, are so much more common. It’s much more difficult to break such glass; it takes longer, and this is enough of a deterrence.

As such, if you currently have single glazed windows, look to enlist Dallas home window replacement specialists. It immediately strengthens your security (and lowers your energy bills, in the process).

Choose your path material wisely

Some of the suggestions we are mulling over might raise a few eyebrows, and this is probably the case with this next one. In short, the material you use for your paths can make the world of difference to your home security. Choose something like gravel, and anyone who wanders up to your front door is going to be heard. A soft surface meanwhile isn’t going to alert anyone to an intruder’s presence – and work right into their hands.

Your lighting choices aren’t just for aesthetics

There’s no doubt that one of the easiest wins when it comes to curb appeal is your outdoor lighting. However, this is something that can also enhance your security. The emergence of a security light as soon as someone steps anywhere near your property is significant, as is any lighting that surrounds your home for that matter. It means there are no places to hide, and this will immediately increase the chances of burglars focusing their attention elsewhere.

Your greenery matters as well

On the subject of hiding places for burglars, don’t underestimate general greenery as well. Sure, privacy is a nice thing to have, but particularly when it comes to your front yard it can nest right into an intruder’s hands. Ultimately, you should be looking to cut back those tall hedges and trees that can provide immense refuge for those intruders who are trying to stay away from prying eyes. It’s a fine balance, but getting a happy medium between privacy and security is one of the best things you can achieve with your outside space.

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