What Are The Special Features Of Handicap Shower Units?


The handicap shower units are specially designed to meet with the requirements of people using wheel chair or with mobility problems. If your family has an elderly person, and you are planning to install a new shower unit in the bathroom, opting for the specially designed handicap shower unit can be the best option because these units are ideal for use by people with mobility problems and at the same time they can also be used well by the other members of the family. So, these solutions can actually act as a single product for everyone in your family. It will ensure the best accessibility and safety of the elders as well as will provide the other members complete security and protection from slipping or falling during bathing. The special features of these units include,

handicap shower unit

  • Barrier free access: These shower units offer a barrier free access for everyone. The normal raised threshold of the shower units can be really difficult to cover for any one with mobility issues. So, the handicap units do not come with a raised threshold rather they maintain the same floor height so that the shower area can be accessed easily even on wheelchair. These units do not come with any sticky or heavy doors that can be a barrier to access.
  • Adjustable shower heads and faucets: This is another important feature of the handicap shower units. The height of the shower head fitted in this unit should be adjustable, so the person with mobility problem can adjust the height according to his/her requirements. Adjustable heights of faucets are also important to make accessibility easier and hassle free.
  • Stable grab bars: This is a must feature for the ADA approved shower units. These units should include elongated and stable grab bars on the walls that can carry weight. This ensures maximum safety during bathing, and can be ideal for elders as well as for kids and others to ensure safe bathing.
  • Slip-proof floor: When there is water on a polished floor slipping on it is very common, which makes it very difficult for the elderly to enjoy a good bath. Not only the people with mobility issues, but anyone of your family can easily trip on the wet, slippery floor and get hurt. The handicap shower unit combines a slip-proof floor which provides proper grip even when there is water on the floor, ensuring better safety.

So, while installing a shower unit in your home checkout if the ADA compliant ones is a better option for your family.

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