What is a Wet Room and Do You Need One


Your bathroom is probably the room in your home that gets the most visitors as well as faces the most serious design challenges. If you have a party or a house guest, they might go to your den or your parlour or they might not. However, they will almost definitely visit your bathroom at least once. For that reason, many people focus a lot of design energy on the bathroom. The bathroom also faces some functional challenges.

Functional Challenges

Your bathroom needs to be able to withstand the wild swings in temperature and humidity that accompany the daily functioning of the bathroom. For example, running a shower for 20 minutes can change the temperature of the room by several degrees and increase its overall humidity. You can’t use just any material for those conditions. Additionally, if the bathroom is not well-maintained, mould and mildew can occur. North Yorkshire builders can help you with both of those problems. The solution is a wet room.

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms are fully enclosed showers that are either flush with the floor or just a few centimetres raised. They differ from other showers in that they do not have bathtubs accompanying them. Also, wet rooms tend to be larger than standard showers. The utility of a wet room is in being so close to the floor as well as the large glass door.

Glass is much easier to clean than plastic or some kind of synthetic. It does not react to heat and humidity, so it will remain unaffected by daily use. You simply need to spray an after-shower spray to make sure that oil and hard water do not build up on the surface. Occasionally you will need to clean it a little more thoroughly.

Since they are often flush to the floor, wet rooms make it easier to clean the floor as well. The drain will drain away any excess water, allowing the floor to dry faster. Wet rooms have many useful features that are worth looking into.


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