Making a Home Renovation? Time to Hire a Skip


Whilst smaller waste containers that are used to collect and remove debris from a renovation are called skips, larger containers are called roll on and roll off containers, or ROROs. Whichever container you use, you will find that it will help you collect any construction debris in a fast and efficient manner. You just need to make sure that you hire the right size of skip, as choosing the wrong size can be costly.

Make Sure You Throw Away the Proper Materials

So, if you are unsure about the appropriate skip size, talk to the professionals at the skip hire company. You can also review the sizes online. Also, make sure that you only load allowable debris in the skip. Some items, such as refrigerators, should never be loaded in a skip. Anything that contains hazardous chemicals should also be avoided when you are loading this type of container.

Review the Contents That Will Be Disposed

So, if you are making a home renovation, review what will be thrown into the skip. Some of the items may be drywall, plaster, or flooring. Any construction debris from a demolition necessitates the use of an Essex skip hire for efficient removal of the materials.

When loading the skip, you do not want to overload it, as this too can be dangerous. If you hire a skip that is too small, you will only have to hire another skip, which can become cost-prohibitive. Or, if you order a skip that is too large, you will also pay too much for the container. That is why is it always good to check with the professionals at the skip hire company when making a decision. You want to get the most in the way of service for your money.

Take your time and review the skip sizes online and then follow up with a professional at the skip hire company before you place an order to hire a skip for your project.


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