Use Every Inch of Space in Your Home Effectively


Homes in England are getting smaller. Simultaneously, the amount of things we own is growing. Hence, interior design and decor is no longer simply about beautifying a home; bespoke design in particular is climbing in popularity as a way of making the most of the space within a house to create a home that isn’t just beautiful, but functional as well.

Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes and Furniture Options

Not just satisfied with creating aesthetically appealing and pleasing designs, designers such as Barbara Genda, have instead made it their mission to re-think space itself in order to implement furniture that creates the illusion of space whilst also solving the problem of cluttering that space.

Fitted wardrobes, once the ‘must have’ in the British home, fell out of favour some time ago. Like most trends though, new designs and approaches to the humble fitted wardrobe have lured buyers back. This is just one area of bespoke furniture in which Genda’s designs and approach excel. Whether you r bedroom occupies a loft space, standard shaped square or rectangular room or you’re trying to figure out how even fit wardrobes into a sloped ceiling cottage bedroom, Genda is the ideal expert to turn to.

Take a look at some of the examples of her work featured on Barbara Genda’s website to see for yourself, or for  information on how to contact Barbara Genda and her team. If Genda can’t find a solution, I doubt anybody could.

Bespoke Walk-in-Wardrobe Designs

Speaking of bedrooms, walk in wardrobes are no longer a must-have of the rich and famous. Genda, once again, is a go-to designer for homes and home owners unsure exactly how to create space where little can be spared. If though, you happen to have a pre-existing unused space, your bedrooms benefit from generous dimensions or you have pre-existing cupboard space which could potentially be used to house a walk-in-wardrobe, you might also find some inspiration by taking a look at the examples shown on the Strachan website.

The fact is, having a generous amount of space does not mean having space to spare. Neither should having space become an excuse for failing to make the most of that space. Instead, investing in a walk-in-wardrobe option or updating a poorly thought-out walk-in-wardrobe space could actually provide the bespoke features you require whilst also adding real value to your property.

Bespoke Storage

Bespoke storage is the perfect solution to small or unusually or awkwardly shaped spaces such as beneath staircases, above staircases, in loft spaces and any nook within the home that is otherwise likely to become a clutter point or simply remain unused. Equally, many home owners find themselves in a war between old and new; they want to retain original or period features without sacrificing space and storage. Take for example, many Victorian homes and terraces have lounge or living areas which retain their original fire places. Instead of ripping out period features to create storage, a bespoke storage solution might involve having fitted furniture implemented around the fireplace to create storage and draw attention to the feature itself.

Hence, bespoke fitted storage solutions can instead of detracting, masking or ruining period or original features within  a home, serve to better showcase them – when done well. Mathew McCrossan is the perfect example of a designer dedicated exclusively to finding, implementing and creating bespoke storage solutions, ‘alcove furniture’ and bespoke furniture. To see for yourself McCrossan’s approach to awkward spaces, alcoves and bespoke design, visit the Mathew McCrossan website.

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