Reasons to Consider a Pergola in the Yard


A pergola is a walkway shaded by vines or trees and lined by pillars. In some yards, it leads to a garden or the patio of a house. You may think it is nothing like a gazebo, but it is actually a type of gazebo. Learn a few reasons why someone would want to put a pergola in the back yard.

Gable Patios

Provides a Scenic Walkway

A pergola provides a scenic pathway from one part of the yard to another. This structure usually extends to a patio, garden or pool deck. The pergola could go on for miles if there was enough room. The interior is shaded from the heat of the sun and the natural elements, such as rain and mosquitoes. A pergola in Perth is the place to escape from the sun temporarily.

Boosts Property Resale Value

If you want to improve the value of your home, you usually install a pool. You may even build a garden or install a water fountain. Most people do not think about building a pergola, which is a structure   guaranteed to increase the value of your property.

Once you are ready to sell the house, you will not be concerned about people’s lack of interest. There will be at least one person interested in your landscaping features.

It Is Very Affordable

The average pergola is very affordable. For around $1,000, buy a DIY product that allows you to set up the structure that same day. Putting a pergola together is not a simple task, but it is worth the effort and money. In a few days or weeks, you can build a structure that lasts through rain and the wind.

Supports Embellishments

You can always embellish the pergola anytime you want. You can add hanging flower baskets to the sides or wrap lights around the columns. Many people like to wrap vines around these posts and watch them grow around the posts. For the holidays, some people like to dress up the pergola. They place Christmas-coloured lights, ornaments and streamers all over the columns.

The floor of the pergola is an object of interest for home designers. Many homeowners end up paying to have the walkway paved. You can choose any strong, sturdy material for the ground, such as brick, limestone or cobblestone. When guests come over, decorate the pergola for that one occasion only.

It is not uncommon to see a pergola specially built for one event. A wedding, a birthday party and a classical concert are typical events that take place outdoors and under shaded pergolas. For weddings, this feature is used very often. The guests will find that the pergola is more appealing than the gazebo, especially when it is adorned with traditional wedding flowers.

The pergola is a favourite outdoor addition next to the garden and the water fountain. It is mainly an outdoor walkway that leads from one point to another. It is also a decorative piece that is enhanced with flowers and vines. If the weather is harsh, it protects its visitors from heat and other elements of nature. Whether you are planning a wedding or planning to build a new garden, the pergola is available to add to any yard.

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