Understanding the Core Functionality of a Rising Main


A rising main is a vertical pipe that rises from the ground in order to provide water supply for several purposes. It forces the water to climb up the ground with pressure. Rising mains are constructed with very heavy and sturdy materials that are rust resistant. As a result, these are able to easily withstand the heavy flow of water and any kind of hammering onto it. Depending upon the scale of building or the project, the size and type of rising main is decided.

There are two main types of rising mains; wet rising main and the dry rising main. The features and different aspects of both of these types have been discussed in a detailed manner below-


Wet rising main

A wet rising main is a type of pipe that always remains charged up. In simpler words, there is water in a wet rising main at all the time. Since it remains charged up with water at all times, it is ideal for any immediate use. With a wet rising main, you don’t need to worry about the landing valve on the ground. You can just make use of the water directly from the flexible rising main. The best part about wet rising main is that it is available with the shut-off control valve. Further, the wet riser is linked with the main water supply of the particular capacity.

Whether you are a homeowner or a professional, you might be in a need of a wet rising main. As a homeowner, you need to try to find the best supplier of the rising main and if your building is at a height then much care has to be taken. In case, the water pressure in the rising main is insufficient then you need to ask the constructor to provide a booster pump. It is very important that the needed flow and water pressure be maintained at all times. Moreover, the landing valves must be fixed with the finest quality of pressure regulator.

Characteristics of a dry riser

You must have often seen professionals using a dry riser in place of a line of hose. This is simply because the dry riser averts the danger caused by water damage. Usually, the water damage takes place when there is a hole or any type of leakage in the hosepipe. Not only this, you can use a dry riser in the situation where hose line burst in any specific area of the building. While understanding the functioning of the dry riser, you must also know the fact that it is kept charged with all the inlets located at the ground level. These inlets are further fixed up in strong external glass boxes.

Factors to be considered while choosing rising main contractor

Firstly, the contractor should be able to guide you about both the dry and wet riser depending upon your requirement. In addition to this, the contractor must also take over the responsibility of obtaining all the legal permissions and necessary license of the work. By browsing the internet, you will get information about different rising main contractors in your area.

To select one, you can always check out the customer feedbacks and talk about it with your friends and relatives who have already tried one such service. It is inevitable to select only the one that has good reputation in the industry and has a clean past record. Experience counts too, and it is best to hire someone who has been working in the field for at least 3-5 years.

This blog will help you to get all the details about flexible rising main. You can select best one of your requirements. And get more benefits.

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