Got a Washing Machine with a Leak?


There’s nothing worse than sorting your laundry out, putting it in the washing machine, then discovering there’s a leak. Maybe the last wash water hasn’t drained away properly, the seal in the door is damaged and you haven’t noticed it, or you’re just not sure. There’s plenty of useful information on the internet to find sources of leaks in your washing machine. Click online to read how you can find the problem sooner rather than later.

Blogs that can help

With so many interesting and informative blogs to read online regarding a leaking washing machine, you could save time and cash on repairs. For enthusiastic DIY people, take the handy hints, tips and advice you read on board. Make a note of where the water is leaking from and at which point in the washing cycle it appeared. If you can’t access the underneath of your machine, slide a newspaper underneath to determine where the leak could be. Should you have to open the machine up, always remember to unplug it first! It’s advisable to look for:-

  1. Wet components
  2. Stains or rust marks
  3. Dissolved soap, discolouration and limescale

If stains are dry, maybe the water leakage isn’t coming from that spot. Dry and clean up stains and water marks after the leak is fixed, so you don’t chase the same leak next time.

leaking washing machine

Call in the experts

If you’ve been unable to find the leak in your washing machine, it’s time to call in the experts. There are online professional appliance repairers who advertise many services. They can send engineers out who are:-

  1. Knowledgeable about any type of appliance like washing machines, fridges, freezers, dishwashers and ovens.
  2. Quick to carry out repairs.
  3. Safety conscious
  4. Experts in their field
  5. Upfront about costs
  6. Able to sell spare parts

Make a call for a free repair quotation to see just how affordable reliable online electrical repairers really are. There are teams of professional engineers and repair people all over the UK, even stretching over to the Channel Islands. If you know what the problem is with your appliance:-

  • Enter your postcode in the space provided – an email will be sent to you with the name of your nearest service centre or engineer.
  • Click on the relevant section for a new unit or spare part.

There’s lots of useful info on relevant web pages about appliance repair engineers, so there’s no need to be without your washing machine for any length of time. There’s also a 12 month guarantee on all repair work plus cover for any spare parts. Safety checks are always carried out to make sure your washing machine or whatever appliance has broken down, is running smoothly and efficiently.

Friendly advisers who care about customers

There’s a team of friendly advisers who are waiting for your call. Alternatively you can complete an online form with your personal details along with the fault description.

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