Understand the Air Filters Options


Air filters are actually present in a great many different pieces of equipment.  You will find them in your vehicle, the extraction fan which comes with your cooker and even as a standalone piece of equipment.  It may seem like you do not have an option regarding which air filter is used and available in your home but, in fact, it is possible to select which ones you use and make sure you have the best one for your needs.

The first step is to understand the abilities of an air filter and why they are so important.  You can then make the right decision regarding which one you need to purchase.

If you are close enough to an established supplier it is worth checking what they offer and what they can recommend.  Viva Home Comfort is an excellent option for anyone living in the Canadian area.

Types of Air Filter

In fact, almost every item you own will have an air filter of some description in.  Whether you are looking at an air conditioner, furnace filter, air purifier or even a vacuum cleaner you will be dealing with an air filter which will need to be cleaned and replaced periodically.

How an Air Filter Works

Air filters are designed to fit inside a piece of equipment; all air flowing into the machine or through the room must go through the air filter.  The filter will remove all impurities from the air and allow only clean air into the room.

There are different grades of filter depending on whether you are looking to destroy all impurities in the system or just some.


The size of your air filter can make a big difference to its ability.  This is one instance where size really does matter.  The bigger the air filters are the more air they can process and the more efficient they will be.  This is part of the reason why it is essential to replace any air filter with one the same.

MERV Rating

The MERV rating is the Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value.  The higher the rating that your air filter has on this scale the better it will be at removing small particles from the air.  This can be exceptionally important in some environments.


It is possible to purchase air filters which are pleated.  These will have a better airflow and will be much more efficient.  They will also be likely to help your fan run more smoothly and quietly.


The best air filters will use carbon to help prevent any odor from getting through.  This is because carbon is exceptionally good at removal odors from the air.  Of course, for this to remain effective you must change the carbon air filters regularly.

Air filters generally need to be changed often to ensure you have the best quality air flow at all times.   It is advisable to check before you use any equipment to ensure that you know when it will need changing and the options available to you.

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