Fireplace Decorating Tips and Mistakes to Avoid


Since centuries past, the fireplace has been the focal point of many houses and the decoration of the fireplace mantel has been an important interior decor element. The fireplace in your house keeps your surroundings warm and makes your house look inviting and welcoming. During winter, you cannot stay without a proper fireplace. When you install the fireplace in your home, you need to design this area with proper exhaust system, and you need to ensure the best quality fireplace for your home only.

Some Expert Decorating Tips to Follow

Either the decoration of area on and around the mantel can be designed to suit all seasons or you can also change it based on seasonal changes. Whatever the frequency of decoration altering and regardless of whether the fireplace is in your living room or bedroom, here are some of the best tips you can follow to decorate the area perfectly:

Consider the Mantel Type: An important factor that must play a role in your fireplace décor is the type of mantelpiece you have. Some mantelpieces are made of marble and have a serene and elegant design while some others are made of natural, textured stones that give the space a beautiful rustic feel. Therefore, when choose items to place on and around the mantel, make sure that they go with the wholesome look.

  • Uncluttered and Serene Design: Many people living in contemporary homes prefer an uncluttered look for their mantle. The design is kept simple with a few elegant items of décor such as a beautiful marble statue of moderate size or an elegant crystal vase. People are also installing some marble rails around their fireplace to enhance the beauty.
  • Turn it into an Inviting Conversation Space: If you want the fireplace area to become one of your prime entertaining spaces or where you spend most of your time with the family, make it a warm and welcoming space. This can be done by placing interesting trinkets on the mantle that work as a conversation starter or clearing up the space for family photographs. The rest of the area around it must have comfortable sofas or chairs with plush, colourful cushions and comfortable seats.
  • Use Antique Pieces: If the mantel type and the interior décor of the room allow it, antique items of decoration lend a beautiful look to the fireplace. You can also choose unique and eclectic items for your mantle. These add an element of curiosity to the décor and give it a rare look.
  • Set a Theme:  It is crucial that you don’t just go on choosing items to decorate the fireplace mantle with as you go along. There must be at least a vague theme that determines which items will go well with the décor. Some common themes are family (pictures, portraits, art made by members, prizes, and trophies etc.), nature (potted plants, stone-textured mantle, paper plants with elegant branches and leaves) or ornamental (intricately designed statues, showpieces, ornate candelabra or ashtray etc.).

Avoiding These Mistakes When Decorating Your Fireplace

Even after being aware of these expert mantle decoration tips, people end up making several mistakes. For instance, make sure that you don’t clutter the place with so many pieces and trinkets that none of them gets significant amount of notice. Apart from that, you need to maintain the fireplace according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, and you need to hire their experts to do the same.

Also, while rare, antique books are a great conversation piece and makes great decoration for the fireplace, not all books will have the same effect. For example, avoid using your old text books or diaries. Lastly, make sure that festive decorations on your mantelpiece are season-appropriate and do not look out of place.

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