Types of Roofing Shingles


Building a new house and still not decided on the type of roofing shingle? You don’t have to worry anymore; this article will help you understand the features of some of the best types of roofing shingles, so you can easily pick the one according to your needs.

Shingles are one of the most common roofing materials that are used because of the fact that they give a very decent and classic look to your home, and also because of the so many benefits that they have to offer. Before deciding on anything, you should take your time and decide the best type of roofing shingle, as roofs have a huge impact on the house.

Roofing Shingle is basically components that will be overlapped to make your roof. Installing roof shingles requires a lot of hard work. If you have decided on roof shingles for your new roof, find the best roofing Ann Arbor roofing contractors so that they can responsibly install your roofing shingles.

Now, here are some of the best and the most durable types of roofing shingles that you might want to consider for your roof.

  1. Tile Roof Shingles

Let’s start from the basic, tiles. Tile roof Shingles are commonly used because they are more energy efficient than any other roofing material. Also, tile shingles are very durable. They will last you decades and will stay in their perfect position. With tile roofing shingles, you also get a variety of styles and colors to choose from. Tile roofs are a little heavy in weight, but they look very classy.

  1. 3- Tab Roof Shingles

If you are a little tight on a budget, 3- Tab is a roofing material that you need to consider. This roofing material gives a great look with many advantages. You can choose whatever roof style for your house and 3-Tab roofing shingles will definitely compliment it. They are not so durable like Tile roof shingles but will last you years if installed properly.

  1. Architectural Roof Shingles

Looking for a good alternative to 3-Tab Shingles? You might want to have a look at Architectural Roof Shingles. Architectural Shingles are known as the premium version of Asphalt Shingles because of the long life that they offer. This roofing material will last you decades and are also resistant to harsh weather conditions. Yes, they are a little expensive than other roofing shingles, but they are also the ones that look very decent and attractive.

  1. Shake Roof Shingles

For a modern looking roof, shake roof shingles are the ones you should opt for. Shake is basically made from wood shingles, they are more used than wood because of its unique looks. If installed properly, shake shingles will last you a very long time and will also protect your house from strong winds, rust and weather conditions.

  1. Slate Roof Shingles

Slate roof shingles have now become very popular as they are eco- friendly, fire and weatherproof. People also go for slate shingles because of the many color options that it offers.

Slate Roof Shingles will not only make your house look decent, but it will also last decades.

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