Traditional Self storage vs Full Self Storage – Pros and Cons


Up until a few years ago, if you needed storage space, there was only one option, call the company and they would collect your items and store them in a warehouse until such time as you want them returned. There would be a fixed fee, usually on a daily basis, and once your things are stored, you have no access until they are returned at the end of the storage contract. Fortunately, today there are alternatives to the traditional method of storage, with self-storage becoming very popular.

Self-Storage Units

The storage facility would typically be quite large, and inside their grounds would be many different types of open and closed storage units that can be rented for short or long term. The advantages of this type of storage facility are many, with the hirer able to access at any time of day or night, which gives you total control over your stored goods.

A Range of Storage Options

A modern storage facility would offer several types of storage, with lock up units of varying sizes, and if you required outside storage, for a boat or car, then this would also be available. The secure storage units would vary in size, and you can store anything from a few boxes to the entire contents of a house, depending on your needs.

Tight Security

One thing that worries people is the security at the facility, but a modern company would have permanent security around the clock, which also means you can access your items at any time of day or night. The hirer would receive their own pass keys to the facility and also to their lock up, which means coming and going is very convenient.

Full Self-Storage

This gives the customer much more in terms of services, with round the clock security, and perhaps more importantly, the ability to come and go as you wish. The range of different units means there will be something ideal, and your goods will always be where you left them and would not be interfered with in any way. If you are in the Perth area, and are looking for the best storage facility, click here for more detailed information on the best storage facilities in the area.

Traditional Storage Methods

Storage space would typically be in a large warehouse, and usually the company offering the space are not specialists in this field, they simply have some unused warehouse space and wish to put it to work. This might be fine on the surface, but your valuable possessions might have to be moved several times, and this is when damage can occur. As the storage is not their main business, the company would not be fully focused on keeping your items safe and sound, and that would more than likely take second place to their existing business.

Self-storage offers you so much more, in terms of flexibility and access, and with modern facilities, you can rest assured that your possessions are in safe hands, and ready for when you next need them.

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