The Advantages of an Exposed Aggregate Finish


If you are contemplating resurfacing your driveway, there are many options available. While some prefer asphalt, the vast majority of Australian homeowners opt for a concrete solution, and for good reason. Concrete has come a long way in the past few years, and any amount can be delivered to your door, ready mixed, and poured into the waiting area. Apart from the ease of order and delivery, the actual finish can be varied, with many people choosing a stencilled or combed pattern as a finish.

Exposed Aggregate

This is created by taking the top layer off the concrete, which exposes the gravel and stone, or aggregate, as it is known. The benefits are many, especially for concrete driveways, as it gives an abrasive, non-slip surface in all weathers, and with a wide range of decorative aggregate, you can really get creative. If you live in Western Australia, and are thinking of a driveway revamp, check out for exposed aggregate in Perth and surrounding areas, and the stunning range of finishes will give you a choice of looks.

The Sky is the Limit

In terms of style and finish, exposed aggregate really does offer the homeowner scope, and the driveway is very much a core component of the exterior look. The colour options are similar to that of paint, and two toned driveways are entirely unique and can really enhance the property. With the range of aggregate finishes and colours, choosing something ideal is really simple. Unique artistic swirls can also be created, if you use a professional outfit to do the job, and they would be able to prepare the area first, a key factor is a concrete driveway.

Stencilling and Stamping

These two techniques give you a wide range of options, and with professionals on hand, the finished job will be something to admire. Staining is also possible, and by talking to a company that specialises in laying driveways, you will get the best advice in terms of what type of concrete to use, and also the finish.

Good Traction

One of the downsides to a concrete drive was always the safety factor. Mould would form over time, and when wet, the surface is very dangerous, yet with exposed aggregate, you have a rough surface that gives great traction all year round.

Liquid Limestone

Similar to concrete in every way, with the exception that liquid limestone does not hold the heat, making it ideal for pool areas, paths and driveways. Even on the hottest day, you can walk barefoot on liquid limestone, making it a popular choice in Australia.

Maintenance Free

Apart from a clean now and then, exposed aggregate concrete is maintenance free and very durable. It is a fit and forget home improvement that is ideal for pool areas, terraces, and driveways, and with the extensive range of possibilities, you can create something unique that will enhance the property and stand the test of time.

Exposed Aggregate is perhaps the best solution for driveways, patios, and pathways, as it is durable, non-slip, and comes in a wide range of finishes, so if your driveway needs attention, or you simply want to change the look, talk to the experts.

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