Top tips for fixing scratches on a wood floor


If you spend money on a new wooden floor for your home you want to make sure it stays in good condition. This means that you have to look after it. Wooden floors can become scratched due to every day wear and tear, so this is an aspect of floor maintenance that you need to pay attention to. If the damage to the floor is significant you may be best advised to seek professional help from experts such as

We are going to take a look at what you should do if there are minor scratches to the wooden floors in your home. You should be able to deal with this type of damage yourself.

Taking care of minor scratches

If you notice scratches that affect only the surface of the floor, you should be able to get rid of them. You need to start by making sure that the affected area of floor is clean. This is easy to do if you just use some floor cleaner and a soft fresh cloth. Do not be tempted to skip this step as any particles of dust or dirt that are left could be trapped on the surface for good, once you start the repair work. After making sure any debris is removed from the floor, simply rinse it and then leave it to dry.

You should not start the repair work until the floor is completely dry. Once you are sure this is the case you need to fill in the scratch with the same wood protector as has already been used on the floor. You only need a small amount so remember to use a thin brush.

How to sand a scratch

You can also try sanding as a means of removing a scratch on a wooden floor. As was the case for filling in a surface scratch you first need to make sure that the floor is clean and dry.

Once you have ensured that this is the case you need to use some steel wool to sand the scratch by simply rubbing over it, gently. You need to do this until the area around the scratch is blended. You then need to take a wood wax stick and rub over the scratch with it. After doing this, you need to leave the area to dry, for approximately ten minutes. You should then use a clean cloth to rub over the area, before buffing it.

Using either of these methods, you should be able to rid the wooden floors in your home of minor scratches. These are both useful routines to know as scratches are a fairly common occurrence, when it comes to wooden flooring.

Of course, there may come a time when you have a wooden floor in your property that has sustained more serious damage. If this happens then it’s worth getting some expert help from the professionals. Wooden floors need to be maintained properly, so you cannot afford to make any mistakes.

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