Top Interior Design Trends for 2019


Interior design trends are always changing, but if this is the year for you to redesign your home or stylish apartment, you may want to take note of current trends. here are some design ideas that are hot this year, which may provide you with inspiration for your own home’s redesign.

Bronze, Pink, and Blush

The colors that are ruling the interior design space this year are shades of pink and light bronze. You can see plenty of blush and dusty pink in today’s décor, and this can actually be a very pleasing wall color when used well. These feminine tones pair well with neutrals to keep from being overwhelming.

Floral is In!

Floral is making a comeback this year, and you will find it on everything from patterned wallpaper to bedspreads and throw pillows. In fact, this is going to be the hottest pattern of choice for the year, but be warned – this type of style changes quickly. You may wish to incorporate it in an easily-changed area of your home, like throw pillows or artwork, rather than investing in all new wallpaper throughout.

Jewel Tones

If the feminine pinks are not your style, or you want a bolder look, consider jewel tones. Deep, primary colors are becoming increasingly popular this year. While you may not want to paint an entire room in a dark teal, feel free to add it through artwork and statement pieces.

Handmade Items from Natural Elements

In 2019, your statement piece is more likely to be something handmade than something mass produced. Look for something with natural elements, like jute or rice paper, rather than something synthetic. Not only will it turn heads when people visit you, but it will also be something sustainable that you can feel proud that you had a part in supporting.

Acrylic Furniture

Acrylic is a great option for small spaces that need a piece of furniture that feels light and does not take up too much space visually. Acrylic plastic can be milled into a wide range of shapes, so you can get quite creative with acrylic end tables, coffee tables, and more. And, because the acrylic is less visually engaging than wood furniture, you can add more décor to the surface without making the space feel too crowded.

Are you embracing one of these trends this year? If you do, you will be in good company, because these hot design ideas are growing in popularity throughout 2019.

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