A Guide to Replacing your Windows and Doors


If you haven’t already replaced those old softwood windows, it is only a matter of time before you have no choice, and with the latest generation of aluminium and uPVC windows and doors, you literally have a fit and forget solution that will last for decades.

Blending with the Surrounds

The art of creating the perfect window design is to select something that is in keeping with the property. A period property, for example, would look great with sliding sash windows in Enfield, and your local window supplier would go to great lengths to ensure that the new design is in keeping with the overall look of the property.

Bespoke Solutions

Replacement windows are always made to fit the window apertures, which ensures a perfect fit, and the units would be made from either aluminium or UPVC, whichever you prefer. Both aluminium and UPVC are maintenance free solutions, and with a 20mm gap in the double glazed units, you have maximum thermal and sound insulation.

Contact a Local Window Company

A Google search will bring up a list of local replacement window firms, and by asking several companies to quote for the project, you can select what you think is the best deal. Some things to consider when designing new windows, includes:

  • Colour – Typically, black, white, beige, silver and faux timber grain are all available.
  • Window Openings – Just because your windows open in a traditional side hinge system, you can choose another style if you wish. Tilt and turn are very popular, while sliding windows are more convenient, and by discussing your needs with the supplier, you can come up with the right design.

Talk to your local replacement window company today and see what they can do for you.

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