Top 5 Types of Fencing and Benefits


If you’re looking to add new fencing to your home, you probably know that you’ll have many options to choose from. While overwhelming, it’s important to choose the right fencing for your needs. Each fencing type has its own unique set of benefits that can help improve and protect your home.

To help ensure you choose the right fencing for your home or project, you’ll need to know what to look for in the fencing of your choice. To learn more, here are the top five types of fencing and their benefits.


Wood fencing is classic, reliable, and sturdy. There are many style options out there for wood fencing, giving you great style and security without breaking the bank. As with most fences, the higher the height, the higher the price.


Aluminium fencing is one of the most popular for its attractive finish and lightweight nature. Aluminium fencing is easy to maintain as well, making it an excellent choice for many applications. It is not very strong, however, so it should not be used for security purposes.


Vinyl can be on the more expensive side, but the myriad of benefits always outweigh the cost. Vinyl is up to five times stronger and more flexible than wood fencing with the same great look. Additionally, vinyl is near maintenance free.


PVC fencing is one of the cheapest ways to fence your house. PVC is very long lasting and can easily be customised, which makes it a very popular choice for Hinckley fencing.

Chain Link

Chain link isn’t known for adding much privacy, but it works for added security and protection. It is durable, cheap, and relatively low maintenance for homeowners.

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