DM Design – How to renovate your kitchen


An exciting but challenging project, renovating a kitchen can have a big impact on your home. If you’re looking for a contemporary-style kitchen, which incorporates all of the current kitchen design trends, you need to have up-to-the-minute advice on what’s trending right now in kitchen design.

To ensure you know what you need from your next kitchen renovation project, we’ve compiled a list of current kitchen design trends for you – supplied by DM Designs, assisting those looking for a bespoke kitchen, Glasgow. Choose one or two if you’re undertaking a little project, or go for all of them if you’re tackling the entire kitchen.

Mix up surface materials

Having everything in-line, such as your benches, cabinets and chairs, is now gone. To keep up with current trends and create a truly unique look and feel to your kitchen, you need to mix your materials. The easiest way to do this is to merge genres – combining chic cabinets with metallic fixtures, for example.

Go for a featured colour

Feature colours are currently having a real moment in kitchen renovation. Instead of having a single featured wall that is painted a bright or contrasting colour, furnishings and appliances are now getting the feature colour treatment! Colour pop kitchens are everywhere – whether it’s orange breakfast bar stools or bright yellow splashbacks.

Not up for colour? Go monochrome

Your kitchen renovation must include black, white or any greys – as long as it’s on the monochrome spectrum. Brave grey or black walls, or choose mottled grey cabinets during your revamp, and you’ll be on-trend for 2017.

Storage wars

An essential in small and large kitchens alike, you need to make sure you include plenty of storage in your kitchen redesign and renovation. It’s important to get the storage you need, without them crowding the space. Get help from a kitchen design expert, as they will help to identify where you can add storage and still hold on to your work and floor space. The result needs to be elegant, with seamless doors and easy access to everything you need.

Time for tiles

Tiles have become a feature now. Underground-style metro tiles in particular are being used as feature walls and kitchen splashbacks. Take it one step further by inverting the classic white tile look with black tiles instead. Black tiles finished with white grouting give an especially stunning final finish.

Technology is king

Technology is getting more and more advanced every day, and it’s natural that this trend would start to appear in the kitchen, too. Touch-activated and hands-free taps are a great example of built-in convenience technology, helping to keep food preparation hygienic and mess-free. Another current design trend is to opt to have built-in appliances, as these keep all surfaces even and flat.

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