Today’s Ceiling Fans Trend to Bigger Sizes


65” Ceiling Fans and Much Larger

When it comes to ceiling fans, one size does not fit all, as large rooms will always require larger ceiling fans. Today’s ceiling fans are becoming bigger than ever. Actually, over the last decade, ceiling fans continue to get bigger and bigger.

An Evolution in Size

Not too long ago, ceiling fans were only available in 3 sizes, which are the 42″, 48″ and 52″ sizes. But in our world today there are more and more oversized models which are not only seen in large rooms, but also in average sized rooms. They are known to spread the airflow more evenly across the room, making them more desirable for homeowners in their quest of comfort.

With the latest trend shifting toward ceiling fans 65″ and over, you’ll agree with me that everyone wants to be as comfortable as possible in their home, and these large ceiling fans can sure make that happen. Opting for a large ceiling fan will surely guarantee you greater and more efficient airflow in your home. And with the advancements in motor technology, not only are the bigger and move more volumes of air, they also use less energy, thus saving you more money on your electric bills.

For example, an 80-inch ceiling fan is a big air mover, and due to the newer DC motors found in high-end ceiling fans, you’ll find 80” models that use less than 1/3 the electricity on high speed when compared to a traditional 52”sized unit. And since the circulation of air is much greater, the Energy Protection Act, or EPA label found on all fan packaging will show these larger models typically have quadruple the energy efficiency ratings.

For more on the Energy Protection Act and the Effect On Today’s Ceiling Fans you can read this linked article.

Best Places to Use

A big fan with bigger air moving capabilities is crucial for functional gathering spaces in the home like the living room, family and great rooms, and even large bedrooms and kitchen areas. It is only ideal that these sizable ceiling fans are installed to bring the comfort needed in these spaces.

They are even more needed in outdoor living areas, such as covered porches, decks, patios, gazebos, and even pergolas. During the summer these areas get much hotter due to the lack of air conditioning. Sometimes we may wish for AC in these areas, but since we do not have walls enclosing our outdoor living spaces it is just not feasible. However, fans are different from AC. Fans do not actually cool the air, but rather the breeze from them creates a wind-chill effect that tricks our brain into thinking it is cooler than it is, thus making us feel cooler. The stronger the breeze on a hot summer day, the cooler we feel. Therefore these large ceiling fans become even more important to be used outside. Since they will typically create two or three times the airflow volume of average ceiling fans, and I think its safe to say our reasoning for installing an outdoor ceiling fan is to keep cool, why would anyone want to install anything less than a grand model for this purpose. My suggestion would always be 72” ceiling fans and above.

Styles to Fit Any Décor

Another interesting thing about these big ceiling fans is that they play well with virtually any décor, making an outstanding design statement.

They are available in modern contemporary designs, industrial styling that fits both up-to-date living spaces, as well as when installed in an Oil Rubbed Bronze finish they go well in rustic settings. While many industrial inspired models come with aluminum blades, there are many traditional models found with furniture-grade wood blades. You will even find large tropical ceiling fans to complete the theme in your island dream escape.


Although I understand that you may not be able to install a 96 inch ceiling fan in a small 10’ x 12’ bedroom, and that there is still a place for smaller model fans, yet anytime you do have a space where a large ceiling fan design will fit, you should ditch the old 60” and below traditional models and go bold! The technology behind these oversized models and the increased air movement that flows more gently across the entire room make them a must have, not only for comfort, but also for a fashion statement.

If you have questions about whether or not your room has the correct space for one of these big fans you should visit, or you can give them a call at 1-888-841-1993 and their customer service team will be glad to assist you, even if you do not you plan to make the purchase through them.


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