Choosing the Best Downlights to be installed at Home


Lighting is essential when it comes to interior design. No matter how lovely the decor is, if you don’t use the right kind of lights, it won’t be fully appreciated, especially at night. However, any space becomes more welcoming and the ambiance feels better if you choose the right lights.

Downlights are a popular fixture and they are effective in improving the overall lighting quality at home. They are usually placed in the ceiling and the light is emitted downwards forming a narrow beam. They are also hidden from plain view. It seems like the light appears straight from the ceiling as opposed to more visible traditional lighting fixtures.

Although downlights are somewhat more expensive than other traditional lighting options, there are still more advantages. They are made from LED lights and other low-voltage lights. You will save more money when it comes to your electric bills. It is better to buy an expensive lighting fixture which will save money over time rather than continually pay the higher cost of electric bills for years to come. Downlights are also low maintenance and can be easily fixed if ever problems occur.

Other benefits

Aside from the cost, downlights can make a room look more modern. They can also be easily hidden from view. Hence, even if you don’t have a huge room, these lights can still be used. In fact, when lit, they make a room feel even bigger. Whether used indoors or outdoors, these lights add a more dramatic effect to any space.

Types of downlights

Fixed downlights direct the light in a downward direction and are fixed in just one area. The manner in which the light is projected depends on the angle of the beam. This type is perfect for general lighting purposes. They can illuminate the space, or highlight an item that you wish to be emphasised at home.

Gimbal downlights are also a good choice. They are capable of moving in different directions. The frame can be easily tilted so that you can focus the light in a certain direction. They might be more expensive than other types of downlights, but they are very convenient, especially for homes with sloping ceilings.

Surface mounted downlights are also great because you no longer have to drill holes through your ceiling for the light. They are a perfect choice if you want them to be placed just slightly lower than ceiling height. They also prevent heat from escaping as there are no holes. If you are using a heating appliance at home, you can save more money. Check out Aurora Lighting for more details about downlights.

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