Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigerator


Every bar or restaurant needs a good commercial refrigerator for smooth operations. You need them to cool your drinks and ingredients. Without proper maintenance, your refrigerator may not last long or work well. The following maintenance tips may help you keep your unit in good condition. 

  1. Clean the Condenser Coil Regularly 

Cleaning your condenser coil regularly may help to keep it in good condition. Most manufacturers suggest that you schedule condenser coil cleaning at least once every three months. If you are not sure about how to clean it, read the manual or seek the help of a professional. Your coil is close to the condenser. To clean it, disconnect power to the unit and clean it with a stiff and bristle brush. 

  1. Clean Both the Interior and Exterior 

Cleaning the exterior of your unit is just as important as cleaning the exterior. It is advisable to clean your unit weekly. To clean the interior, remove all items. You may use a temporary cooler to store your items while you clean the main unit. Scrub the shelves with a soft brush and warm soapy water. Use a mild solution to clean the exterior. Avoid chlorine cleaners and abrasive scrubbers. Baking soda paste is great for removing grease. 

  1. Keep the Unit Dry at all Times

Keeping your unit dry is important if you want to keep it in good condition. Wipeout any liquids that may accumulate on the surface or shelves of your unit. If you allow moisture to build up in your refrigerator, it will freeze over time. It is advisable to clean up moisture buildup at least once every week. 

  1. Check the Air Filters Regularly

Schedule regular maintenance for your unit’s air filters. Grease, dust, and debris are likely to build up in the air filters of your fridge. If you let it accumulate for too long, the air filters are likely to get blocked and stop working properly. With regular cleaning, it is possible to remove the debris build-up and keep them in good condition. If there are splits from the debris, you may need to change the filter. 

  1. Check the Gaskets Regularly

The door gaskets of your commercial refrigeration unit are very important. If there is any sort of split or damaged, it may be impossible for the door to seal shut. Cool air will escape from your unit making it lose its functionality. Checking your gasket regularly makes it possible to detect problems. If it is faulty, replace it as soon as possible with a different one from the manufacturer. Even when there is no damage, regular cleaning and maintenance will keep it in good condition. 

Maintaining your commercial refrigerator is important but it is not easy. Consider hiring Dawnvale to get help. Refrigeration is important for any commercial kitchen and it cannot be taken for granted. Working with a certified and experienced refrigeration engineer makes it possible for you to keep your unit in good working condition for a long time.

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